Mystical Mermaid Nail Art


  • OPI – Just Spotted the Lizard
  • Essie – Trophy Wife
  • Milani Jewel FX Gems


  1. If you wear shimmery stuff in the ocean there is a chance you can attract a shark

  2. Your so talented I want to make my own channel and do nails when I get older I have a channel that I do with my family just click on my name and you'll see my videos subscribe and like thanks

  3. u can also find a mermaid looking polish at target

  4. Very nice polish, you are being really creative! =)

  5. For anyone concerned about which metallic nail Polish . You can find them at Walmart . Maybelline has a whole line of them (I have the violet and green metallic) and PureIce carrys a few . NYC has a ton and I don't think LAC has them yet . I hope this helps .

  6. I love the metallic polish. I haven't seen any in my local stores. I kinda wish she would show us the bottles she uses.

  7. I love all your nail arts they are so easy to follow and create!

  8. Now do this with your non-dominant hand LOL

  9. Also the manitee (I spelled it wrong sorry) tail

  10. Ily! This is so pretty and simple!

  11. Haha Ihascupquake did a similar thing

  12. doing this today but with black lines instead of green 😀

  13. A copy of this video has been ripped off by "nail designs" and posted on their channel 2 months ago.

  14. Moree mermaid tutorialssssss xxx luvv u cutepolish! !!!!!!!!

  15. i would have used scalloped lines instead of crossed

  16. I'm so loving this… Ur so creative… :)))

  17. I believe in mermaids. They are so fascinating!

  18. i like that you personalise each video with music according to your design

  19. i wonder how much nail polish you have?

  20. you can usually find them at walmart or any beauty store they are usually priced between 2 and 4 dollars depending on which brand you buy

  21. Can someone please tell me how much a striper would be and, where I could buy them? I have something similar, but I'm not sure if its the same thing. Also, is there a specific brand of base coat that I should buy?
    P.S : Thank you, these nail designs are so cute! 🙂

  22. What if shes not even in school anymore from graduating

  23. i <3 mermaids so this is PERFECT 4 me

  24. Under the sea
    Wish I could be
    …Good at nail art… ;A;

  25. She made everything look so easy!

  26. I love her videos and I love the design

  27. I got mine at Wal-Mart, for like half the price and double the quantity.

  28. At Walgreens or a similar drugstore.

  29. Can you try magnetic nail polish

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