Nail Art for Christmas: The Ultimate Guide!

Which design was your favorite?! Let me know in the comments!!! Wooo.. I am so excited for the holidays, you guys!!! Get into the holiday spirit with these ultra cute and and easy Christmas Nail Art designs!


  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • China Glaze Salsa
  • OPI Chocolate Moose
  • Revlon Hot for Chocolate
  • Formula X by Sephora Atom + Eve
  • Nicole by OPI What’s the Mitch-uation?
  • Nicole by OPI One Time Lime
  • OPI Black Onyx


  1. Who else is watching this in the middle of summer wishing it was Christmas

  2. Who's watching this in 2016 this vid was made 3 years ago

  3. Wow your awesome making these Christmas nails

  4. My mom loves it she is a nail salon

  5. I don't get it they said no tools yet they use a dotting tool um logic

  6. some of these clips were on snapchqt…..

  7. Did anyone else see on Snapchat they used her designs lol

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