Nail Art for Short Nails: Rainbow Design


  1. My goal is to try and make a unicorn nail design on my DAM NAIL!

  2. Is it just me that thinks she sounds like Kim kardashian ?

  3. Who's here from 2017+??

  4. my dream is to become a cosmetologist and a baker.

  5. My goal is stop bitting my nails and grow

  6. Who is watching this in 2017 ✋?

  7. this is an actual short nale tutorial ty

  8. Who is watching this in 2016 cuz I am

  9. My dream in life is to have at least 5 children and be a teacher for them all. <3 I miss the old cutepolish D:

  10. plsssssssssssssssssss do more

  11. The music is creepy

  12. What if you were to do the rainbow first and then color the clouds will it work? Also my dream is to be flexible in dance/gymnastics

  13. My dream is to go to Hogworts

  14. Everybody tells you how easy it is,even though it's so hard! I've tried literally everything.?

  15. my goal is to grow my nails?

  16. would you really cut your nails that short

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