Nail Art for St. Patrick’s Day: A Mini Guide!

Nail Art for St. Patrick’s Day: A Mini Guide! Five fun and festive designs to help you celebrate St. Paddy’s Day 🙂

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! XO


  1. Im Irish but I couldn't celebrate it????

  2. you nails are beautiful in green polish!??

  3. I'm probably the only one who doesn't have a green nail polish

  4. I'm Irish and you call the three leaf clovers SHAMROCKS ino because I'm Irish so don't correct me yeooo

  5. I'm doing this design tomorrow. I'm half Irish, and quite PROUD 🙂

  6. I like the Irish flag the best!

  7. I AM IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!©lover!!!!

  8. I am Irish btw we call clovers shamrocks

  9. i know its not st patricks day but im going to try to do the rainbow or hearts!

  10. I'm from Ireland ????????

  11. Thank you because I have Irish in my blood!!!!

  12. you did a three lead clover

  13. You may associate leprechauns with Ireland and St Patrick's Day but here in Ireland we don't. They're is no such thing as leprechauns and I hate stereotypes

  14. You said a four leaf clover but the one you painted had three leaves ?

  15. It's a shamrock not a 3 leaf clover lol

  16. St.patricks day is my bday March 17

  17. How do u NEVER get paint in your hands?

  18. Love the Ireland nail 😀 

  19. When she said " shout out to all my Irish viewers" I was like " shout out to Niall Horan !!!"

  20. One thing you also need to do is to tell your viewers to be careful when they make the flag.  I was almost finished when I realized I had Ireland on one side and Italy on the other!

  21. Dear cutepolish;
    Love all you nail designs. I have a question…during each of your steps what is the waiting (drying) time before you apply or go to the next step on each desing? Or does it vary by design? Hope to hear from you back.

    AWESOME WORK!! ???

  22. ???thanks for the shoutout XD im an irish Viewer ???? my potatoes said thanks too

  23. Cant wait to shows these off on paddys day!?

  24. I love your nail art. Super awesome 🙂

    Not complaining, but my nails are a little longer, and I find that the final results don't look as cute as yours. lol

    Great video. Thanks.

  25. I'm from Ireland!! And st. Patricks day is coming soon again! I'm so gonna do these? love them ??

  26. Hi Sandy for that shout out cause im one of ur Irish viewers I love the nale it realy matches our colture u should come visit Ierland its a gorgous country slan go foile that means good bye see u soon .

  27. Watching this at the same exact day in 2015

  28. Love life is to have a great time

  29. I only thought this was interesting to do and watch because of Niall James Horan #Directioner okay bye…

  30. Could you do a track design?

  31. Thanks, I'm Irish and I will SO do this this year!!

  32. Love using this design.

  33. very cute I'm getting to do these designs they look very easy…

  34. My b-day is in st.pattys day??????

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