Nail Art for Valentine’s Day: LOVE Mix & Match Design!

Nail Art for Valentine’s Day! In today’s nail tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to create this ultra cute and easy mix and match nail art design for Valentine’s Day! Spread a little LOVE and happiness with this cute nail art design. I’ll show you how to create it in just a few easy steps! 🙂


Love you guys so much! XOXO

Psssstt, if you’ve read this far… I just want to let you know that I’d LOVE to be YOUR Valentine! 🙂


  1. love them and tried them on me and my sister but I'm not a youtuber

  2. I just had an underwear advert that I couldn't skip

  3. I love the nail says love❤️

  4. Do a tutorial on your toes!!!

  5. i love this channel! ur so good at doing ur nails! I LOVE U! ❤?

  6. in ur next video, u should do nail life hacks!!

  7. You are the bom go girl love Aubrey ???☺️???✌️????

  8. OMG I swear everytime I search up easy nail designs there so hard but this is so easy and adorable ???❤

  9. where did you get the neon pink color

  10. it'd be so cool to draw a heart insteasd of o for the first design

  11. Can you do a video that shows how to paint your nails if you have short nails PLEASE

  12. Please subscribe to my channel

  13. I did it with light blue and silver

  14. Was this the first ever video that she didn't say "apply a base coat"?

  15. I love this video. I wanna do this but I don't have the metalic gold. I was trying to find it in stores, but couldn't

  16. i '' love" it 
    ps im useing my dads email hehe

  17. I love nail art but it is so annoying with me because as soon as my nails are going great I reck them again by smudging them ? any tips xx

  18. Someone add me on Snapchat my name on it is bellkell9

  19. Hi! You right , le gold nailpolish is beautiful!! 🙂

  20. U mean a glittery black polish. Lol jk

  21. so what do we do if we can't write L-O-V-E on our non-dominant hand???

  22. can u do a 5 seconds of summer nail art tutorial? i wud love it if u wud , bcoz d other ones are not that good. i have higher expectations from u +cutepolish 

  23. I did a variation of these nails and seriously, everyone loves them. People always ask if I did them myself or if I got them done (but of course I only show them my left hand haha) thanks so much!

  24. Make a video about American Horror Story nail art design please?

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