Nail Art for Valentine’s Day: The Ultimate Guide!

In today’s video I’ll be sharing 10 different Valentine’s Day nail art designs for you to choose from! You can try them all out or mix and match a few to create your perfect Valentine’s mani.

Which nail art design was your favorite?! Let me know in the comments!

Have an amazing day XOXO


  1. why are you always doing your hands do you have clients??

  2. I like that one with some different colours of hearts and xoxo one

  3. my favourite nail design was the ombre hearts it was so cute

  4. my favrite nail art i liked is heart one

  5. What song is in the background?

  6. Cute! I love all of the nails I have to decide which one I want to wear! I am going to post a valentines video and I want to have Valentines nails, and my mom finally let me start painting my nails! I am in 6 grade.

  7. Can you please do one direction nails …… Please !!!!!

  8. I love all your nails. Their all so pretty

  9. the cupcake looks a bit like an ice cream 🙂

  10. My favorite nail art design was the home hearts one! that one was so pretty when you switched the colors like that!

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