Nail Art – Hand-Painted Flowers

Suzie creates a cute Easter Nail Art Design, and shows you the technique involved, and how this technique can be used to create other fabulous nail art designs.

0:28 Prepping Acrylic Craft Paint
0:33 Painting the flower stocks
0:49 Adding blades of grass
1:01 Use a dotting tool to add flowers
1:50 The finished look
1:56 Change the nail color creating a two-toned french
2:01 Another beautiful design using the same technique


  1. OMG!! These tutorials are amazing. Plus I am a new subscriber! =]

  2. Oooo, I just love the blue & green with the white flowers.  It makes me think of bubbles.   Hmmm, that is an interesting idea…bubbles, how to give them dimension so that they don't just look like dots.

  3. Although I'm new to your channel & I love all the work you do – but! oh dear ( sorry hun ), I didn't like this video being speeded up, because I so enjoy watching what you do but it was most uncomfortable watching your video today. Its the old eye's ya know lol, I still open my salon every day and still I teach and I'm 71 and I'm still wanting to learn, because Suzie I, like you, love my job and I never get bored, so for the sake of this silly old bats eyes (more lol's) real time please, hugs and thanks from across the water Vicki x

  4. I know this is an older video but I've been watching all your videos amd your work is fantastic! I've always wanted to be a cosmetologist and I've been practicing acrylics along with your vidoes , your a great inspiration and seem like a great nail technician

  5. I live in the US and am in love with your videos suzie. I would love to know if ya offer an online course to learn besides YouTube although I am learning a lot of tips from your youtube videos. Personally I have never tried to do acrylic or gel for that matter other than using your real nails as a base. I'm a natural nail kind of lover. I would however enjoy learning how to do gel and acrylic properly for nails. I would like to see a video on how you do a gel application and extension and the best way to work with gel since it is less harsh on the real nail than acrylic. if you know any great tips I would love to watch a video from you on it. Thanks so much Suzie such an inspiration always keep staying unique 🙂 Blessins darlin.

  6. Amazing tutorials, and such a soothing voice oh my gosh!! haha

  7. Do you have or can you do a tutorial on how to get this shape/form of nail it's so long and slim, every time I've gotten square nails they look wider than I would like. Thanks love your videos xo

  8. I really like your nail art tutorials. Do you ever use the reusable forms? Would you do a video if you do currently use them? Thanks Kris

  9. You are wonnnderful at doing nails ?, I would looove for you to do mine any day ! ?

  10. Do you live here in Miami ?? Because if you do I would love for you to do my nails please and this btw is my husbands account but I'm a girl hahaha your like the best.. Every time I go to a salon they never do my nails good and then I get embarrass to ask to do them different but you I wouldn't have to tell you how to do them because you do it exactly how I need them to be ????God bless I subscribed ‼️

  11. another simple and cute design i love it  thank you   :o)) xoxo

  12. Love how you do your acrylic nails there so nicely done! 🙂

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