Nail Art – Hand-Painted Lace On Stiletto Tutorial

Suzie demonstrates how to do a hand-painted lace design on gel polished stiletto nails in this thorough tutorial. There are lots of great tips in this video.

  • 0:37 Gel Base Coat application
  • 1:10 Cure with Gel Lamp
  • 1:22 Color Coat
  • 1:51 Flash Cure
  • 3:12 2nd Coat
  • 3:20 Why use Gel vs Polish?
  • 3:40 Full Cure
  • 3:50 Remove Sticky Gel Layer
  • 3:55 Buff the Gel
  • 4:12 White Calligraphy Pen Nail Art
  • 5:25 Dotting Tool
  • 6:40 Designing the rest of the nails
  • 7:17 Clean your brush
  • 8:26 Adding the ‘Bling’ – Jewels
  • 9:58 The Photo-shoot Reveal


  1. I probably would stab my own eye out with these nails

  2. how you pick your nose with that

  3. Don't pick your nose with those nails LOL

  4. How does one survive with that length

  5. I don't know anything about nail design, but when she removes the nail, does the design and shape stay, like if you were removing fake nails, or is the removal similar to nail polish remover where it just disappears? o.O Can you put them back on if she takes them off?

  6. I love your nails so pretty

  7. I love your nails so pretty

  8. OMG your nail art is so awesome when I go up I want to be just like you. Your nail art is so soothing and calm it makes me want to shout and scream . How do you do that I guess you were born with the strength . I'm one of your best favorite fans please shout me out . I've always wanted to be on YouTube but my dad says no because he wants me to be protected and I do understand that .????????????????

  9. Those nails are SO long. I wouldn't be able to function. Lol.

  10. oh i love this it would look really nice if you took and accent nail and instead of lace do just a sparkly top coat


  12. Lmao protection to the max

  13. do you have products to buy like everything you would usey for Acrylic application for all steps and costs. where can we view these products if available

  14. I absolutely love your work Suzie. I would love to learn from you in Victoria, only thing is I live in Chilliwack

  15. I wish my job would allow me to have wicked long nails. I would rock them all the time. But I can't do I have to live vicariously through your videos hahah

  16. How does anyone do anything with nails this long?! I have acrylics on all the time and they're short compared to these and I still struggle sometimes!

  17. uhh anyone else wonder what's happening with the glasses at 10:20? lol

  18. Is that a special white ink? Watered down paint? Thanks…..

  19. Does the ink not need a top coat? I'm really not getting stamping very well, but definitely think I'll get this technique with the calligraphy and ink.. ? lovely job again Suzie

  20. what kind of paint are u using for the caligraphy

  21. what is the white paint you use on this please?

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