Nail Art: Pretty In Pink

Nail Art Design: Pretty in Pink!


  • L’Oreal The Palace Life
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Quo by ORLY First Class
  • China Glaze Material Girl
  • L’Oreal Taste of Romance
  • LA Colors Art Deco in Baby Pink (striper)

I love you guys x


  1. i wish i could like this 100 hundred times!! it has a beautiful shine

  2. i did the chevron on all of my nails ?????

  3. Who's Watching in 2017????????❤️??

  4. I'm going to try this in purple ??

  5. It is very much cool and superb

  6. +cutepolish Beautiful in Blue nail art

  7. she was doing asmr and she didn't even know it

  8. WOW??????? GONNA TRY IT……..

  9. It is my favourite mine cara ????????

  10. can you do a Fourth of July nails

  11. Why in the thumbnail her hands were so brown ?

  12. Don't really like pink but love her vids

  13. I don't love pink or like it but I don't hate it

  14. Your voice should be on the radio

  15. you are so prettyyyyyyy I love your nails I like the Disneyland one

  16. this would be so amazing blue, right?

  17. This is by far my favorite idea for a mani you have ever done. Its my go to design because you can use any colors and it looks cute.

  18. Pretty in purple

  19. I watched this video because I love pink

  20. Am I the only one gonna say this but it looks like she leens her fingers on the table really hard they go kinda yellow it's must her ther fingers

  21. omg i loveeeeee it and i love you and and and……. aaaahg iiii am in love with this design

  22. This is one of my favourites so far

  23. I love it but I dont really like pink but ill try it with light and dark blue

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