Nail Art using Real Flowers!

Use flowers from your own garden to create a cute dried flower nail art design 🙂


  1. anyone try this? how long does it last? and would it work with Gel polish??

  2. I ❤️you sooooooooo muccccccccccch

  3. 2 flowers doesn't fit on my nail ?

  4. Oh my goodness, by far this is my favorite nail tutorial! Love the forget me not's.

  5. Hey there, how long does it last? Does the flower lose it's colour after a while (or days)? What's your experience? Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. I love these and I especially like the flowers you used. For-get-me-knots are my state's state flower

  7. I love these!

  8. Don't take someone's flowers

  9. Ghetto but looks cool

  10. Definitely gonna try this! thank you!

  11. Wow, that's really creative! Anyway, I wanted to ask you what music you used for this and what's it called. If anyone else can answer me, thanks!

  12. I tried your newspaper nails. I kind of forgot to do a top coat on my left thumb, but hey, it's a great design!!! So liking this!!! Hopefully i can find flowers small enough, but if you can't can you make them out of ribbon or paper?? 
    thanks ;D

  13. where can i find these flowers ??!!

  14. YOU ARE SO TALENTED AND CREATIVE!!!! OH EM GEE!!! ????????????????

  15. This is SO cute!! Love your channel I catch up with you every Sunday! 😀

    <3 <3 Lots-a-love from the Lone Star State <3 <3

  16. I have a yard full of beautiful wild flowers

  17. This is by far one of my favorites of yours. I LOVE this!

  18. honestly, i wouldn't bother to do sth like that, but just the idea of it is.. wow!
    A for creativity 😀

  19. I loved this design so much, but I had some troubles with the white French tip, may u please make a video on how to make a French tip? 🙂 <3 thanx ily

  20. I love all your nail art videos!!! U r amazing!!:)

  21. I'm SO thankful for being able find this channel! It has every type of nail art I need!!!

  22. how did u get ur tooth pick to have that ball thing on?

  23. that would look cute for a wedding or a spring dance.

  24. Hi I love your vids, may I subscribe?

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