NAIL BASICS: How To Do Three Nail Shapes


  1. I think this is the best video for teaching me how to shape my nail from round to square!!!☺thanks a lot!!!!

  2. Since i dont have those round wheels if nails i have the fake ones and toothpicks and tape them

    Lol we do ThE same thing

  3. I've always loved the squared off way, & its what I've always gone with.
    But with how much I adore your gorgeous nails in every way & wish they were mine..
    I absolutely can't wait to give squoval a try!
    #TeamHannah #YouRockChica #LuvYou ?

  4. Personally, I like my nails squared, but I think that oval shaped nails tend to look better on people who have longer nails.

  5. I dont know which nail shape would suit me either stiletto or square i have long fingers any suggestions anyone?!

  6. I have the same 6 way nail file and its awesome! it makes my nails shiny and smooth and its just perfect!!

  7. I call ur oval as round & squoval as oval 🙂 I prefer square mostly, but also depending on my mani style!

  8. Definitely squoval it looks way better than all of the other nails

  9. SQUOVAL. i feel square makes my fingers look very masculine 🙁

  10. Could you do a stilleto nail and round nail?

  11. I have tried all three nail shapes but I like the square the most

  12. Megan123.. she said she got hers at Walmart for 2$ but I found a similar one at dollar tree:D

  13. very helpfull! I always do oval but I really want to test out squoval 🙂

  14. I like square. I'm getting my nails done today

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