NAIL BASICS: Removing Stains or Yellowing


  1. Hi, newbie
    Question: how do I get my nails hard again after wearing acrylic’s for over 20 yrs? I’ve gone months without anything on them except for clear nail polish n hardeners but they keep breaking n still soft n brittle. Help please

  2. It weakens your nails

  3. What works?!?! I tried every method in video and nothing worked! 🙁

  4. she should open a salon i would always go their

  5. did anyone else cringe when she put on the toothpaste

  6. How do i soften my cutticle?

  7. Your Hands are Perfekt! The epitome of beautiful female Hands. You should become a Handmodel
    if you already have not. 🙂

  8. omg you have the mooost beautiful nails I've ever seen! I think my nails could look like that if they wouldn't peel so bad as they do u.u
    I'm starting a treatment with nailtiques formula 2 plus since I've heard a lot of good comment about it, but I've just been using it for 5 days. But people says it makes your nails yellowish… so that's why I came here 🙂 Thanks for the tips 🙂
    And again: I'm IN LOVE with ur nails!! ♥ (fingers as well ♥)

  9. One time I forgot to put on a base coat and I got my nails stained?they were really ugly and yellow

  10. lol the methods mentioned here will make your nails peel so bad… just use nail oil and embrace the yellow! Free ombré, am I right???

  11. greate tips, I normally do 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide, 2 1/4 tbsp baking soda, 1 tbsp of Lemon (cut it add the juice to the paste) Let this sit on your nails for 5 minutes, rinse and you are left with white beautiful nails. Because I wear a lot of manicures I will do this once a week follwed by a all natural hand scrub and apply cuticle oil. I also let my nails bare for a few days. =)

  12. Thanks!! Hannah These methods really works I tried it with lemon and toothpaste as these were the only things available to me right now and the results were really good!!! ? to you!

  13. nails do not breathe, that is a myth. nails are dead the only living area of the nail is the natrix (cuticle ) so wearing polish does not harm the nail, its the removal chemicals that weaken thre nail.xxxx

  14. My nails turned pink after I took nail polish remover and rubbed it on my nails after using glow in the dark nail polish!! I'm going to try one of these methods! Hopefully
    It helps!

  15. Can u do a video on ways to get your nails to grow longer faster?? Plz

  16. Can I just say…Your really good at what you do! 🙂

  17. Which one works best?

  18. Thanks so much ! The peroxide soak worked great !

  19. I have a video for that 🙂

  20. I only have baking soda, lemon and regular toothpaste. And I want to remove my yellow nails, what methode can I use? Please answer, thank u xoxo

  21. Your nails are so long and pretty!

  22. You can also try denture tablets. Just drop them into water or according to the directions in back and let them soak for about ten minutes!!

  23. Cool!I have a problem recently. I was afraid that I could not get rid of it!Thank you!

  24. I have a question. How long ventured nails

  25. I love your videos. U have amazing ideas.

  26. Hahah oh gosh I know, it was just a figure of speech to give your nails a rest 🙂

  27. Yep, its great! It's just like a clear polish but with some added tint to brighten your nails 🙂

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