NAIL BASICS: Tips for Longer & Stronger Nails


  1. Super! Thank you so much. Very good video and tips!

  2. I should just put my nails in my leftover salad dressing!

  3. I use sally Hansen's vita surge growth gel its amaze

  4. I have the same cups as her!???

  5. wow, i eat so much spinach and green stuff, and that maybe be the reason why my nails are so strong. now i have to eat more spinach, and that is good because i love spinach! ? thanks for this video. i was not aware that my diet may be ao influencing for my nails condition! ?

  6. Thanks for helping me figure out why my mother can't grow her nails! She has an iron deficiency, so I plan on her having stronger nails!

  7. omg i have been wondering why my nails are so shit a d realised th at my blood tests showed really low iron levels

  8. I tried the garlic and it works really good.


  10. I really need stronger nails 'cus when i'm swimming my nails sog in the water and somtimes the nailtip even breacks of?

  11. should we daily apply the nail stronger……… or once a while……………..????

  12. did the garlic solution had chopped garlic and water ? ?????

  13. Hi, I was wondering how long did it take your nails to grow that long using all the things you used

  14. Omg we have the same brushes AND cutical oil omg extra twinzies?

  15. I've never heard anyone pronounce the word iron like that before. This isn't a criticism. Just sounds interesting. I'd love to hear you say 'Iron Man'.

  16. Nutra nail actually works great! In about 2 weeks my nails were about half the size they were bedore

  17. fuck i need some more money!!! ;(((((

  18. Wow !!! When I started watching this video your nails were so bombastic 😉 ** LIKE IT !!!!, SO SO MUCH thanks for the video

  19. Don't take Biotin if you're pregnant or breastfeeding. Also only take Iron on prescription, it's dangerous and can lead to liver failure if used long term…

  20. Hi Hannah, Do you cut your cuticles?

  21. Yes i mean how does she know this

  22. Friendly reminder never take iron OTC unless instructed by a Dr. Because you can OD& keep away from kids. Thyroid problems can also mess up your nails.

  23. My nails are really weak and thin. Whenever the grow like one mm ine of them brakes or exfoliates. I've tried any possible method:the garlic, lemon, tomato, pepper, olive oil methods and none of them worked. Any advice?

  24. Looove tour nails. They look very healthy .

  25. Your nails are so beautiful and healthy!

  26. Can you put lemon with the garlic base coat to whiten and mask the smell?
    Please answer! I really want to make this. 😀

  27. Hi I love your videos and I hope you could do a how to stop your nails from peeling because mine peel so bad and idk what to do

  28. +HannahRoxNails about how long does it take for you to grow your nails out this long? :46

  29. Hi Hannah, I have a habit of biting my nails, do you have any ideas on how to break the habit??? I would really like some longer nails but every time they start to grow I bite them. If you read this please let me know if you have any tips on how to stop biting your nails! That's all thanks for reading this

    PS. I am not joking we really have the same name ???

  30. When should you start seeing results?

  31. You have like some of the prettiest natural nails ive ever seen!

  32. what lotion/moisturizer can you recommend? 

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