NAIL BASICS: Tips To Stop Nail Biting


  1. If I wanna bite my nails, I just bite the back of my hand ?

  2. Can u do ur nail care routine

  3. My Partner bout me this New Less Toxic bad tasting Nail Polish to help
    with my new years resolution, it had a nasty taste that has stoped my
    unconscious biting. My nails are already looking better, 13 days since I
    last bit my nails to a bloddy mess. I might even get some art done to
    celebrate this weekend 🙂 he got it on Amazon.


  5. It's been a year since I've bitten my nails

  6. I bite my nails SO MUCH my nails don't grow that long now… Sooo I decided to get long fake nails…. Now I just tell my friends they are real long nails even though they aren't

  7. me too I just do it for fun

  8. the bitter polish wouldn't work for me. I would still bite them even if it tasted bad?

  9. this is super cool! thank you so much for making this it helped a lot and im hoping ill stop biting. only problem is, i think the gum idea would work really well butttttttttt gum isnt allowed at my school xD but thanks! ill definitely try to get at the other stuff

  10. U copied from cute polish !!!!!!!

  11. 1 way to get rid of this habit is painting the nails in REALLY BRIGHT colour like red or orange. It looks very ugly in the beginning, but it reminds you not to bite them every time you look at your hands. You will see the difference very soon.

  12. I bite mu nails and it's not stress or anxiety

  13. I googled like crazy trying to find ways to stop biting my nails, but the most effective way for me was thinking about how disgusting it actually is. Your saliva drips down your hand and your hand just looks so ugly so that made me really stop. I also thought about how much I had been made fun of for biting my nails and it made me want to change that around and have people compliment my nails instead. It obviously won't work for everyone, but my nails are soooo long right now and I've never been happier.

  14. Does the no bite polish have shine?

  15. how do you get your nails so long plz tell me

  16. Anothe tip, is to paint them because if you have spent time on painting them you wouldn't want to ruin it……

  17. I persuaded  myself to stop biting my nails and now whenever i go to bite my nails it feels really gross so that problem is gone. 

  18. cutepolish soooo got this idea from you!

  19. i cant stop biting my nails it has become so bad

  20. Im 14. I used to always bite my nails when I was 6-7 years old but it stopped when I was 7 because of my big brother. He said every time I bite my nails I get slapped by him so that's why I don't bite my nails anymore ? Thx to my bro! My bad habit is gone! But I still have a VERY bad habit of cleaning out dirty stuff in your nails with my teeth.. I'm not biting them I'm cleaning the dirty stuff inside.. I don't often do that.. I sometimes do it. ??I know it's really gross but I HAVE TO STOP IT ??

  21. It is not stress for some people it is like smoking you can't stop

  22. You can use a nail hardener so then it's difficult to bite your nails because they are rock hard or if you have braces, because when I got braces, it kicked my nail biting habit and now I have beautiful and long nails! Thanks for the tip!

  23. I hate how most people think it's because of nerves. It's way more than that to me

  24. Wow! Thank you so much for the tips I have not been biting my nails for 2 weeks. 🙂

  25. I really hate my nailbiting habits. I always do it when I'm bored (so pretty much every school year, my nails are gross looking since I easily get bored in class)
    And now, I'm trying to grow it out but it's not going well as planned… eh I'm working on it.

  26. took me under a year to stop biting my nails just by telling myself "no thats gross, its the same thing as picking your nose!" and it worked 😀

  27. I either bite my nails or pick off my nail polish during movies (it's a weird habit 😉

  28. It's sad, I don't bite my nails. I rip them off with my fingers so it sucks.?

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