Nail Fill and Rebalance – Step By Step Tutorial

Suzie does a Nail Fill and Rebalances a beautiful set of Coffin Nails in this detailed step by step tutorial.

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  1. When she was filing the nails the colour of the nails without nail polish can you keep it that colour? Thanks

  2. Hi Suzie
    This colour on your friends nails is stunning. Would you know the name of the red polish.

  3. don't for get the other hand great job

  4. It's so unreal how much love you get, you deserve it Suzie ❤❤❤

  5. Ive gotten my boyfriend obsessed with Suzie! He knows absolutely nothing about nails and hated when I get mine done because he says they’re too sharp, but he asks everyday if Suzie has uploaded a new video! Thanks for helping us bond!!

  6. You make everything look so easy lol

  7. Your poor left thumb nail! ? my heart!! Lol

  8. 3 weeks… jeez I needed to go in weekly

  9. What is your professional opinion on pinching the nails? Should you do it or not and does it help with ths stregnth of the nail? What is really the deal with pinching? Does it benefit the integrity of the nail?

  10. I’m actually traumatized about getting my nails done. I went to a shop that drilled my nails so much that it burned and I had deep indents in my nails that too months to grow out.

  11. Hey Suzie! I was wondering if you could do a video on what clients should look out for in a nail tech. Like how to tell a good place from a bad place. It seems like by the time I know a place is bad it's too late.

  12. Can you continue to do fill after fill, or should a new set be done eventually? And can a person just continue to wear acrylics like for months or years, or do nails need a break? (I know they don’t need oxygen but the stress of filing n product tho.)

  13. I have increased so much,in little time thanks to your tutorials. Your explanations are clear and simple to understand.

  14. I LOVE your soft voice and wonderful videos. I just wish she would stop calling her E-file a "drill"!!

  15. Shouldn't the client wear a mask too?

  16. Always love watching your videos. The quality is amazing. I started doing my own nails about a year ago because of you. Thank you!

  17. She’s so lucky to have her nails done by you…..I’m not jealous lol ?

  18. Learn a lot from this video. Thanks Suzie

  19. A good begining today ! Wake up .. see your video…. thank.s Suzie !

  20. I wish so many more nail techs did nails like this. Sometimes the ones I go to like don’t even bother to take all the color off, it’s so annoying. I wish they’re were so many more nail techs like you Suzie because you’re amazing.

  21. I love it when you work on clients. Thank you for the great videos ❤️

  22. One of the best nail tech here on YT. Love you Suzie

  23. she goes every 4 to 5 weeks? yikes, i go every 2 to 3!

  24. I always love your videos Suzie! They’re always so satisfying and fun to watch!!!! Thank you for always making my day better when you post❤️❤️❤️

  25. What's your favorite nail shape? Mine is Coffin/Ballerina

  26. Yes, Love it when Suzi has a new video!! We love you Suzi-from Australia xxx

  27. I wish Suzie could be my nail tech! ?? -Fran

  28. Ooh, I can’t wait for the next video! I’m really curious what kind of design it’s gonna be, but I’d love to see some more stamping. The stamps turn out so intricate, it’s mesmerising :O

  29. the electric file gives me the shivers!

  30. I felt like I was cursed today…but a Suzie video makes it better!

  31. my nails grow so fast that my nails will be grown out twice as long as hers in less amount of time, its annoying when i have arcylics on

  32. Hey Suzie! My nails always have the problem of curving as it grows out. So my fresh set of nails would come straight out but as it grows out they'd be curving down. How could i correct that during a fill without having to do redo them?

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