Nail Hack: DIY Water Marble Nail Stickers!

Nail Hack: DIY Water Marble Stickers for your nails! In today’s nail tutorial, Hannah will be showing you how you can hack your way to stunning water marble looking nails using nail polish. These DIY stickers are so cool and much easier to do than water marbling itself! We hope you’ll give them a try!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. who se tries diy nails all the time and fails???

  2. I am in love with this idea. Can't wait to do my nails tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I tried this last May,so almost a year ago and I failed? I'm trying this again sometime

  4. I love this idea, but when I try it, the polish won't come off of the plastic. What can I do, what do I do wrong?

  5. thank u thank u so much…
    i always end up with a mess while trying marble effect don't know why but now… it would be perfect trick for me.. ????

  6. Mine is not rolling off the bag. Can someone plz help me?

  7. my nail polish does not peal of. what should i do

  8. I'm sure that you will find good way to make it on Inplix Website.

  9. I made it myself thanks to INPLIX website

  10. my nail polish keeps chipping !!!!

  11. I can which is doing nails by the nail shape.. xD?

  12. Does it stay on longer than a regular nail marble ?

  13. u say big tumbs up but i have little tumbs

  14. Could you use a toothpick to swirl the polish?

  15. mine stickers would not come off the bag 🙁

  16. are you guys two different people??

  17. I'm trying this right now but I'm still waiting for it to dry! I used white, gold and purple. I used a Bobby pin to swirl it instead of a brush it looks beatiful

  18. What can I use instead of a sandwich bag

  19. is there anything you can use as a substitute for the cuticle pusher?

  20. love the idea!!! im soooooo trying this idea @ home!!

  21. I am so doing this tomorrow!

  22. How to cheat at water marble part 6

  23. Can we get your glass file in stores?


    I said don't press it why did you press read more


    I said don't press it why did you press read more

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