NAIL HACK: Using MARKERS To Remove Nail Polish??


  1. I know its a year old, sorry, I just saw it. The only think I would suggest, is instead of pouring the polish remover into the marker tube, drop them into the bottle, wait for them to soak up the remover, pull them out. I have Parkinsons, so I love this idea to clean up a manicure with tremors, making that one adjustment, its perfect! … I cant pour anything into anything anymore… LOL  They do sell similar items, but a lot more expensive.

  2. Your ideas are amazing! Thank you so much for the info. !!

  3. The water looks so pretty


  5. but awesome I love your channel and I first I thought subscribe today you are beautiful I love your hair do some hair this on here videos cuz I want to do my hair and light curls and puffs???☺?

  6. That's sooo practical and neat … thanks for all of these wonderful hacks

  7. that is not new, i have this for over 10 jears

  8. This is such an awesome idea! I think it would be easier to put the marker tip and felt ink cylinder back into the marker and THEN pour the nail polish remover into the open end of the marker. Snap the end of the marker back into place then store the marker tip-side down with cap on to allow polish remover to soak down through the marker and into the tip. 🙂

  9. Wow Jahtna, what a beautiful hack!! Keep rocking! Love allll your video's! Subscribed and liked 🙂

  10. OMG I can't believe your Dominican I am too!!!

  11. You should do a normal DIY video

  12. i love this idea but my only concern is that they are not reusable and they dry out sorry

  13. I crack my teeth , is there an easier way to take off the cap? TY

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