Nail Polish Ombre with Ombre Brush

Suzie creates a beautiful Ombre design using Nail Polish and an Ombre brush. In this video Max Estrada visits Suzie as she plays with his new lamp -free, Gel-like Polish ‘Maxie’ and his Ombré brush.

Products featured in this video:

Suzie was not paid to promote these products, they were given to her to try for herself. Suzie is sharing her honest experience of using these products.


  1. I just love your energy and your joy…. I love your channel…. I love what you do…. Keep up the good work!!!! ???❤❤❤❤

  2. He's so freaking whimsical I can't handle it …. and he always looks like this.. love his live videos too … 2 Nail Gods at the table

  3. Wow, max talks so much about where he goes for his job. Anyone else think that Susie seems a little annoyed by it.

  4. ok brb i’m gonna go buy some of his polished


  6. Max looks like he walked out of a fantasy cartoon

  7. Wow, he's beautiful ? that's crazy, he's like a doll.

  8. I love your nails videos can u make another how to grow short nails x

  9. I'm really confused by Max…? I don't know if she asked him to act like that but… I cringed so badly……. ._.

  10. Maybe dipping the actual brush into the two colors on a napkin then putting over the pink color would have blended better!! It's hard to do that on fast dry polish.

  11. This looked so easy, question do you have to use only this brush for ombre designs? And second your eyes are so georg and I want some chocolate ??????

  12. Takes out nail tools

    Throws the box

  13. he reminds me of troye sivan in the weirdest way

  14. Looks like alois trancy

  15. In France we say mauve like you did Suzie 🙂

  16. use a sponge and DAB DAB DAB THAT SHIT

  17. Awww when I say the nails in the thumbnail I thought it was going to be Grant 🙁

  18. Oh my goodness!!! Max is so adorable!!!!!

  19. Two of my favourite ppl in the one video…eeep! It was lovely to meet you at the Australian Beauty Expo Max 🙂 hopefully one day I'll get to meet you in person Suzie 🙂

  20. What to do with a nonsense rubbish comment @1:30. lol

  21. OMG he's cute as hell ??????

  22. Yaaas I have a Liverpool accent ?

  23. He is adorable. What a great guest! 🙂

  24. As a holosexual AND a NCE fan I'd love to see a collab ?

  25. He is looks like a sweet little elf that’s going to make my nails so much better lol

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