Nails + Hawaii = AWESOME!

Recently, I went on an AMAZING trip to Hawaii thanks to OPI & Hilton Waikoloa Village! Here is a recap of my adventures, and nails, along the way! XOXO

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  1. Mahalo for taking us to Hawaii with you! Beautiful swatches 🙂 I want the That's Hularious one!!!


  3. Loved the gecko green polish ?

  4. everything looked soooo gorgeous and I'm happy you had such a great opportunity! you deserve it!?

  5. That water is beautiful! And those nail polishes are beautiful too! Lol

  6. it must be fun to name nail polishes! and Hawaii looks beautiful!

  7. This is the first time I have ever seen your face…ever

  8. Sooooo Gorgeous!! I <3 Hawaii!!!!!!

  9. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 HAWAII!

  10. I just LOVED This video…it felt like I'm on vacation!!!*.*Your job is amazing!!! Have fun and keep uploading these awesome videos!♡ they make me so happy:))

  11. OMG YOUR NAILS WERE GORGEOUS!!! 🙂 Loved this video.

  12. +HannahRoxNails ?I'm so jealous of ur flawless nails and so proud that you got this opportunity?

  13. HannahRoxNails I have one of your nail art books from the library

  14. Hawaii is on my bucket list?

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