Nails transformation: from average to AMAZING


  1. Next time I'm in Florida I'm coming to you… no matter how far!

  2. Podrías mostrar los materiales que usas porfavor

  3. Crea un canal también en español ???

  4. +thenailsqueen I love your work! Amazing! Do you soak your clients nails off every time you change out their design? I notice you place the colored acrylic directly onto their natural nail. Would it be easier to put a super thin layer of clear acrylic first? Thank you so much for your help.

  5. Where did you get the diamond that the client hands was on in the end

  6. Why don't you push and/or clip her cuticles?

  7. how much would you charge for a set like that? just curious!! I love your work ❤

  8. que bonito trabajo hermosas uñas muy elegantes gracias por compartir

  9. how do you get your real nail to grow

  10. Love this set they are beautiful ! ?

  11. Preeeeetty! And the rings go so perfect with the design! Where did you get them?

  12. She didn't massage into the cuticles at all :/

  13. Wow! Great job! Congratulations!

  14. Transformation is Amazing. Your work is BEAUTIFUL???

  15. what is the mix in the bowl? 99 percents Aceton with hot water? how much water & acetone?

  16. Hi how long does it take you to do a full set? for example this design from start to finish ?
    Clean , file , prep application all in total , lovely set by the way , thanks ???❤️

  17. I love your videos! I have a question why aren't you using a thin layer of clear acrylic before your your glitters and cover colors? I thought they would stain the natural nail. TFS!

  18. hi can you do a step by step video on filing and shaping of the nail thank you

  19. hey how much is ur acrylic? and i do not need a rip off price

  20. New subscriber! Love your work! It makes me want to get acrylics/gel nails! ♥

  21. Love your work! How long do your client's nails usually last before needing a fill? & where do you purchase your acrylic powder?

  22. bellesasssss….un besito desde peru

  23. What is the glitter on your nails? Polish, acrylic?

  24. amazing!!!!! u make it look so easyy!!!!!!

  25. Omg I love your short sparkly nails. ? Do you have a video with it?

  26. what acrylic brand/color are you using in this video?! @thenailsqueen

  27. so beauty!!!!

    fort me is super difficult to do that to other person… but for myself not to much…

  28. if you ever visit jamaica plz do my nails… i love your work.

  29. Are these coffin shaped nails or just squared?  I love how they have that natural curve to them, whenever I go to the nail shop and asked them to natural curve my nail they look at me like I'm crazy.  My natural nails have a bit of a curve to them, so I ask so that they don't buff out the look, but I never ended up liking my nails unless it has that shape that I like.  I love the shape of these.  Please let me know what shape this is?

  30. Please whats the name of the acrylic powders you use and brand please let me know

  31. did you apply clear acrylic before the glitter?

  32. hi ,who drill use?is beutyfull your work.

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