Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

Everything you want to know is right here…


  • MAC natural radiance primer
  • Loreal Lumi foundation – W5
  • Garnier skin renew anti dark circle roller
  • MAC highlighter – radiant rose
  • MAC studio finish concealer – NC30
  • MAC Emphasize highlighting powder ( I said accentuate in the video but I was wrong)
  • Mylar e/s
  • Texture e/s
  • Smolder eye kohl
  • Ground brown e/s
  • shroom e/s
  • Loreal voluminous mascara
  • lingering eyebrow pencil
  • peaches blush
  • Give me sun bronzer
  • Springsheen blush
  • Stereo Rose mineralize skinfinish (apres chic collection)
  • Lustering lipstick
  • Revlon bellini lip gloss



  1. What kind of light you used for make up ?

  2. watching this july 2017 and so proud of where she is right now!!!

  3. You've come such a long way. Loved your videos then, and I still do! You inspire me everyday. ?

  4. I loved this video! I'm new to the makeup world and love the natural looks.

  5. How do I determine which color to use for foundation? Every brand is different but right now I'm using the Lumi and I feel like its too light.

  6. She legit acts the same, i miss her long hair though can you imagine this length with her fire red hair now. it would be amazing

  7. It's so crazy how far she's come in three years. She was one of the first people I ever subscribed to when I got into watching makeup videos. Watch a video of hers now in 2016 and Jaclyn is a COMPLETELY different person. I'm so insanely proud!

  8. what mac brush did you use to set your undereye?

  9. I've been watching you for 3 years now. Wow <3

  10. Watching this today in May, 2016!!! So proud of how far you've come Jaclyn! Congrats on everything you've accomplished <3

  11. I dunno if this is SUPER weird but I can kinda hear that you were smoking / recently quit smoking in this video compared to your new ones. You sound so much healthier now! And that's weird as hell to say ahhahaah

  12. you're so beautiful with a natural make up look!! good that you wear that the most! xo a Dutch female fan!

  13. watching this in 2016 but you are soo beautiful!!

  14. Thank you for keeping videos like this one up. You've shared so much of your heart and talent with us from the very beginning and I honestly can't thank you enough for that ?

  15. my comfortable go to look still, today!

  16. Thank you for sharing this easier more natural look. It's my favorite so far and helps me get some ideas.

  17. watching you not use anastasia brow wiz FREAKS me out

  18. I love how you say, "yea, but we're not going to talk about that" after you talk about it LMAO <3

  19. Just found you on You Tube, looking for WAGS chicks.  Found you much more approachable and real.. Don't apologize for other peoples' moron-ics and stupidity.  Some people just insist on being jealous.  Get over it and move on girl..LOVE what you have to say!!  BTW..I'm 49 and grew up in the beauty industry. I didn't follow in it…but still drink my wine, after work and follow ground breakers for the common you!! Love all of your videos.  Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  20. You are beautiful even without make up. I love your hair color.. what hair color do you have by the way?

  21. Going back and watching these old videos always makes me re-learn everything she's taught me over the years. Just wonderful

  22. What is that hair color called I love it

  23. hi jaclyn is it possible to also put make up on a darker person so we can exactly know what make up to put on.

  24. Gorgeous look! You make it look so easy?

  25. Life before sigma and anastasia brow products!!

  26. wow she's changed so much. somehow she became an over-caffeinated  version of herself.

  27. anyone else watching this in 2015?

  28. This is such a gorgeous look!

  29. Can you please do the no mirror makeup challenge? Ik it's old, but it would be really entertaining.

  30. Do you not put your foundation over your eyes?

  31. You look better without makeup

  32. I have a tan face its not to dark or not to light what kind of compact do you recommend i been trying different compacts to get my color and nothing comes close do you have any suggestions that will help me. Or my face is oily and its shiny and I hate it do you know what i can do to make it look not shiny. I hope you can help me …Thanks

  33. Where's your Mac ProlongWear Concealer??
    Love ya! ❤️❤️

  34. Hi Jaclyn, I've just discovered your tutorials and already trying out your tips! Question, would you ever do a hair tutorial? Your wavy curls are what I've been trying to do for years and would love to see a tutorial from you on it. Thanks!

  35. you look like jenifer lawrence when she had dark hair?

  36. that hair color… yesssssss

  37. omg jaclyn you are so pretty and you are the person i look up to yo and i just love you you are so pretty

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