Nautical Nail Art Design | Microbead Manicure

A nautical nail art design using nail polish and microbeads! This manicure is perfect for both Spring and Summer! The nail polish colors coral, white, sky blue, and gold all compliment each other for a gorgeous new twist on the standard nautical colors of red, white, and blue 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy this DIY nail design!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. When you realize, "I can actually do this!" XD

  2. watching a year later again!I remember when this came out

  3. Hey Sandi why don't you make a sailboat theme like on ring and pointer finger have light blue nail polish, with golden sailboats and with the rest sunset theme for background and black sailboats

  4. For the base coat can u just do like a clear nail polish?

  5. I love your videos so ,I have more than when you have guest youtubers

  6. did u put a top coat on the dots?

  7. I love the little pop noises when you were applying ^_^ like the sound effects

  8. This is really lucky for me because my birthday is coming up in a few days, and I'm having this as my theme, so yeh

  9. I miss your old videos where you yourself do nail arts. All these new girls are good but not as good as you. I might feel this way because i'm an old subbie of yours but they apply way too much nail polish and they mess up too easily. You always did your arts perfectly and the neatness always soothed me in a good way lol. I'm sorry I sound like a hater but i'm not 🙂 I just miss you doing the nails. Love the video though! xo

  10. all of them were perfect cutepolish I wish I could do them?

  11. Does anyone know what she uses to make that introduction animation if so please tell me asap

    Thanks! xoxo

  12. LOVE nautical nails for spring and summer! These are really really cute! ?

  13. Follow nailphomaniac on Instagram!

  14. can you do a softhball nail art/useful for me i play

  15. this looks so cute! my favorite was the anchor:)


  17. So Sandi I've been wondering what is the difference between Gradient and Ombré nails can you please mention what it is maybe in one of you new episodes that's comes out this week.

  18. I just found out that there is a new channel that is using people's videos without permission. I think I just saw one of your videos on there!
    The channel is called: HairStyles and Nail Videos

  19. Could you do birthday nails please?? My sisters birthday is coming up and she wants me to do her nails for her

  20. That so cool, but I would think he beads would fall right off

  21. Can you do something with hot designs? Your the best!

  22. I didn't know they sell Catrice and DA outside the Netherlands?

  23. Can you please try Prism Polishes?

  24. This is sooo gorgeous!!!??⚓️?✨ Love the baby blue and coral colour combo!!? Ahh I miss summer so much ??✨

  25. Agh! She makes it looks so Easy! Love them though ?????

  26. hi sandi…… I really love ur videos….. I hope u give me a reply

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