Nautical Sailor Nail Art

I’m so ready for summer, how about you?! These nautical sailor nails will definitely get you in the mood!



  1. you can get anchor nail vinyl stickers.

  2. its really really amazing

  3. omg… u r so damn amazing.. ur free hand skills is just awesome?

  4. You're a very skillful nail artist!! Amazing!! ??

  5. Omg that freehand skills are amazing ♥

  6. Omg that freehand skills are amazing ♥

  7. aren't you from you cam nail tutorials

  8. I loved how you get your nails I wish that I was on your show good job thanks for having it YouTube video from Ca'Leyah

  9. oml i love this so much! im only 10 though but when i get the stuff to recreate this, ill sure try it 😀

  10. Can you still do the anchor even if you have short nails?

  11. WOW, This channel is exploding, Great art work. I ? your nails

  12. Hi Hannah . I just subscribed to your channel yesterday and im living your videos the designs look very hard to make but you make them so much easier its only been 1 day and you are one of my favorite channels . Your nails look stunning


  14. they are so flawless and matte!!!!!!!!!!!!! ily

  15. When I saw your FLAWLESS freehand,I instantly hit that subscribe button!!!!!! ?

  16. Oo how cool design! ?? I really need to try similar design @ my channel as well!

  17. absolute FAVORITE nail design by u Hannah!! GREAT DESIGN!

  18. they look so professional ,and it looks so pretty matte ??

  19. tutorial for almond shape please :((

  20. Hannah we need to do a mani swap asap! You are killing it ?? x

  21. Can you do this on both your hands?

  22. you're a really great artist!!!!!

  23. This is beautiful! May I ask you what camera do you use for your videos and instagram pictures? Thanks in advance for your answer.

  24. this is sooo perfect. execution wise. amazing

  25. Do Cherry Blossom Nails please!

  26. Omg this is beyond stunning! ???

  27. your design is always really neat and clean i like it a lot! and you made like the perfect circle on that anchor?

  28. Like your nails and fingers ??

  29. O M G!!!!?? I just came to check out your new video and noticed that you are using my brush for this SUPER AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL DESIGN!!!!?????✨ I'm sooo happy to see that!! ?? Thank you SO very much Hannah!!!??✨ Your hand painted anchors are out of this world PERFECT!!!?????

  30. so accurate applying) PERFECT

  31. can u do in updated how to grow your nails please

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