NEEDLE NAIL ART #13 – Burgundy & Pastel Yellow Marble Nails Design

Burgundy And Yellow Flower #Nailart Using Needle: Today I share a pretty flower-like marble nail art design using only needle.

  • First of all apply base coat to protect your natural nails.
  • We need wet nail polish, so paint one of your nails pastel yellow at first.
  • Put two dark burgundy blobs over the wet base.
  • Grab a needle and drag it across the blobs, then make flower-like pattern… let it dry.
  • Finally apply top coat to protect your manicure from peeling.

Thanks for watching Guys! 🙂


  1. Thank you for your videos. I love your nail tutorials, they are always such pretty designs

  2. What was d top coat u used

  3. Your arts are so amazing

  4. I wear a lot of burgundy & in the fall & winter so this design with cream color base coat would like wonderful. I love these designs because they look great in so many colors!

  5. Awesome as always😍❤ Tysm for the video!❤


  7. thanks….will try again.

  8. hi there….still loving your videos, ummm do you need like a special type of nail polish?? I'm trying with the ones I have and can't seem to get it like yours. 🙁

  9. its awesome I loved it

  10. Should we allow the base coat to dry and than apply the burgundy nail polish? ?

  11. Fabulosas se ve sencillo este diseño me encantó lo intente y no me salió 😞 aún así lo seguiré intentando muy bonitos diseños.

  12. common nail polish, gel or different kind???

  13. J'adore cette combinaison de couleurs magnifique travail.

  14. I just subscribed this nail art is stunning great idea TFS that with us👌😉

  15. Your mani is so original, beautiful Andrea chic as usual, I love it. Can I request a simple video to teach how you apply plain polish? I'll never be as good as you, but I could learn some tricks 😉

  16. awesome! I had never seen this technique before

  17. Very pretty.  Love all of them

  18. What a beautiful manicure!! I loved it!! You make it look so easy!! Beautiful!!

  19. such a beautilful and delicate work 🙂

  20. so the colours!

  21. girl u r just amazing…😘

  22. how do you do the right hand using your left hand? That is something that is messing me up and I'm trying to do some of these designs. I have always polished my nails since I was 13yrs. old and my left hand always goes better.

  23. Este look lo tengo que probar, me encanta!! Soy fan de tu trabajo!

  24. you are too good on it 😙


  26. wow super cool…very beautiful

  27. Wonderful they really look. Seasonal great job hun👍👍

  28. waoooo hermoso me encanto esta super

  29. hermoso me lo boy a practicar

  30. Hi thanks for your videos are very nice, you can tell me that you use to make shapes to hearts. Tkank you.

  31. awesome as always ,you are very talented😍

  32. I love it. It's really very NICE {100 by 100}

  33. I love these colors together, it's really beautiful, Ildiko, I always enjoy watching. I'm looking forward to what you come up with for Christmas and
    New Years.

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