Dry Marble #Nailart With Flower-Like Pattern: In today’s nail tutorial video I create a light blue based dry marble nail art using needle and toothpick.

  • Apply base coat to protect your natural nails.
    Paint one of your nails light blue and don’t let it dry!
  • I put two sparkly blue nail polish blobs over the wet base… With a needle shape flower-like pattern.
    With a toothpick paint small white points.
  • Apply top coat to protect your manicure from peeling and to keep it shiny and glossy.

Thanks for watching! 🙂


  1. I don't see the full vedio but I see the still picture of ur nail art it's just smooth & perfect. ♥

  2. It's really so pretty! Love it? Tysm for the video?❤

  3. Love the light blue base and dark blue flowers…

  4. Beautiful work. Do you ever work with gel polish?

  5. Very nice i like your all nail design

  6. Hi! Cute and creative!

  7. It's a treat watching the videos.

  8. That's beautiful!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  9. wowwwww….???..????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Well done, what a beautiful design!! ??

  11. Muy bonitas,pero por algun motivo no me sale el diseño?

  12. Hi, hope you had a great weekend!! This look is so beautiful! From further away the darker blue looks like little birds, lol. Love this!

  13. E com agulha q vc faz isso?

  14. Liiiindas

  15. How can you do such a nice nail art? Please tell me!!!!!!

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