1. This is 100% amazing! What Angled brush did u use? The one u used for blush!!!XOXOXO

  2. OMG LOVE! THat lipstick popppiiinnn!!

  3. O M G! THIS IS A M A Z I N G!! :O

  4. desi please do a foundation video with drugstore and high end separates. .just explaining good and bad ones for different skin types xxx

  5. I love that video love the colors and that hot hot pink lips love you bye

  6. i love your take on the neon makeup! I also just uploaded my own version on my channel!

  7. Omg Steven's sass lol ? he kills me haha

  8. Your skin is flawless! You look amazing

  9. What contacts is she wearing in this video ?

  10. this helped a lot, I'm going to a neon themed party and this makeup look was perfect! Keep up the work girl 🙂

  11. I thought it said "Dies" instead of "Desi" lol

  12. Ok, LOL You are a riot and this look is amazing!! Loved your inspiration pic and your execution.

  13. the blooper is everything?

  14. this is one of the bests looks you ever did!!!!!!!!

  15. desi, you are so beautiful. You taught me so much with cosmetics. You truly have a gift. love you lots!

  16. I like ittt I really want you to to have your old browws they were straighter

  17. nice use of the Radioactive Stack by meltcosmetics! pretty

  18. i would wear this to a rave!! i love it! ?

  19. I love, love, love this look! It's crazy because I just ordered a neon palette and it arrived today. I'm dying to use it and you just totally inspired me! I think you're amazing! XOXO Btw, this was only the second video of yours I've seen. I subscribed to your channel tonight because I heard LustreLux talking about you! XOXO

  20. You are my favourite person of all time

  21. I feel like she should extend her eyebrow to where her eyeshadow extends in the outer corners that might look more balanced ^0^

  22. Come play Mas with My band for Hollywood Carnival 2016! U will love it and our costumes are awesome!

  23. i loooove alyssa's work, and your own spin on it

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