Neon Ombre Nail Art (as seen on Lily Allen!)

EASY LILY ALLEN NEON OMBRE/GRADIENT NAIL ART! Enjoy, thanks for watching and please SHARE! 🙂

Products used:

  • JinSoon – Power Coat Base Coat
  • Sally Hansen – Diamond Flash Top Coat
  • Nicole by OPI – Something About Spring
  • OPI – I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana
  • OCC – Deven Green
  • OCC – Pool Boy
  • Ciate – Mango Martini


  1. i bought pool boy from occ and it wasn't nearly as bright as yours appears to be and the formula wasn't good either so that one was disappointing but deven green looked exactly how it does here such a pretty bright green and great formula anyway cute nail art

  2. I have a question: I have watched this video over and over again. It's a great tutorial too! I have also tried this over and over again! I have the makeup sponge and all the colors but when I do it, it never turns out. You can't really see the nail polish. Is this because I'm not using white nail polish as my base coat? I don't have any white nail polish. All I do is apply my clear coat and the. I start the process. Is it not showing up because I'm not using the white polish? Is there any other color I can use besides white? I hope you read this and can give me some tips!


  3. Ooh I love how the blue and yellow nail made the color green in between. These remind me of the summer

  4. Wow i love it. Glad i found your channel

  5. So talented! Keep up the fabulous look!

  6. they're perfect for holidays 🙂 love them 

  7. Do you know if there are any other ways of getting the ombré look without a sponge? Thanks! Xx(:

  8. lol this was posted on my birthday :O

  9. Hannah I need your help! I've never been able to do ombre because every time I attempt to do it it ends up ruining the base polish because it removes the color every time I do it… what do you suggest I do? I'm in the middle of redoing my nails! lol

  10. I just love the names of some nail polishes! Anyone ?? Lol

  11. I love this masternails♥ very creative girl

  12. omg Hannah im literally so happy that you noticed me im literally in love with your creativity I wish I was as amazing as you lol plz sub me because I would freak out lol don't or do idc love u!

  13. great video, i hope you're having a super day!!

  14. super beautiful as usual! gonna do it, as usual! 🙂

  15. I love it! I love the shape of your nails!!

  16. Do you have tips on doing nail art with your non- dominant hand? Love you Hannah;) thx

  17. Super summery nails!! 🙂

  18. So pretty!  *wag, wag, wag…*

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