Neutral Eyes & Brown Lips Makeup Tutorial | Mannymua Palette

Hey Larlee’s I was dying to create a makeup tutorial involving a brown lip so here it is! I love this combo neutral eyes, brown lips. The neutral eye makeup is my go-to for makeup look. Can we talk about the Manny MUA palette how exciting, it’s coming back in stock soon you can sign up for an email update on when its back in stock under the link below, of course I listed similar eyeshadow shades as well! xo-Laura


F A C E:


B R U S H E S:

  • Artis Brush # 8
  • I found the less pressure you apply. this brush the less product it absorbs.


  1. I love all your videos. Your personality is so awesome and reminds me off myself. What is your favorite full coverage foundation of all time? i bought the Maybelline matte pore less which worked great at first but now I am suffering from breakouts which causes me to have to use acne face washes so now my face is drying out and it's starting to look cakey because of how dry my skin is whether I moisturize and Prime! lol

  2. What watch do you wear? I love it! MK are my initials n I LOVE he color so I want it 🙂

  3. Hi! Loving the color of your hair? what color are your highlights??

  4. i sooooo love this look of yours! this is my favorite so far. it is so elegant! ??

  5. I just ordered this palette from makeup geek.. Thank you for coming up with a different look .. This is very nice for a neutral look .. you go girl !

  6. Love you so much! You're so cute and super helpful!! I love that background too! What is it???

  7. ??? Im done with your weird faces ??

  8. do u prep your lips to make your lipstick last longer?

  9. I agree with manny! You are perfect! You make makeup look so easy and effortless to apply. I overthink when I'm doing makeup so I end up looking like a frkn panda lol. Love ya!!

  10. will you do a really super glam look with the pallet. unless you already have and I just don't see it.

  11. ugh I love you your awesome I'm from Alabama as well I knew there was a reason why your accent sounded familiar lol!!!!

  12. Another really good dupe for True Brown would be Vintage by NYX. It's an absolutely perfect brown color!

  13. Momento=moment
    Free Spanish lessons ???

    Anyways i loveeee this look very beautiful!!!

  14. It's all about the brown lips this season, and I just can't pull it off. 🙁

  15. I would love you to do my makeup you are so good and make it look easy!!

  16. Do you think you could do a summer look? Thanks!❤️

  17. I love this look on you! thank you so much for breaking down how to apply the shadows! your the bomb! much love from Toronto❤

  18. can't believe how good you look without makeup,most people look like super bad…

  19. "aphrodite" is actually pronounced like it has two e's! like aphroditee

  20. I love makeup and makeup brushes, I was wondering If you could do a video on Makeup Brush Uses and how to properly clean them' Something like that, It would be awesome. Because sometimesI got to buy brushes and just intimidated and dont know what to buy. Anyway Love you laura ?? #snapchatfam #larleesforlife

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