NEW Crazy Hair colour transformation – MUST SEE 2017


  1. what's the 1st music called? I love it

  2. الله يوفقك انته شنوتستعمل

  3. I bet that my comment will be hated but – it's awful :/ only few of these hairstyles are at most nice. damaged ends are still damaged after (not even a little cut!) and dyed looked like they're just old 🙁 i don't like it.

  4. Wow…razor on the bleached hair??!
    You are eather crazy or brave dude.

  5. it's so funny how he plays with their hair at the end. He's so extra lol he does awesome work

  6. só tem comentários americanos

  7. why do they all look extremely mad

  8. These are pretty styles, but did he really put NUTELLA in her hair?! 14:55

  9. Granted, his techniques are really cool and he styles the hair beautifully but some of those hair colors just look trashy.

  10. the second song is It's different ft. Miss Mary-Outlaw

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