NEW & EASIER Way to Remove Glitter Nail Polish?!

Today I’m sharing with you a brand new and easier way to remove glitter nail polish from your nails! We all know just how frustrating it can be to try and remove glitter nail polish from your nails. Prior till now, I would always use the foil method with tinfoil and cotton balls. But after getting this new No Rub product by Nail Aid, I’ve been hooked! It’s just so easy and simple to remove glitter now.

I’ve used this product a few times now and wanted to write out some tips and tricks I have on using it. I find it works best if you cover your entire nail in the gel and wait 4-5 minutes for it to work it’s magic. Remember to only have the lid off just to dip and then reseal it tightly. If not, the acetone will evaporate and it will ruin the smooth consistency of the gel inside! When dipping, if any gel gets on the finger, just wipe off the excess using the rim of the jar before closing the lid. After the time is up, I use a paper towel to wipe because a cotton ball will stick to the gel and make a mess. When I wipe with the paper towel, I use my thumb and start at the cuticle and press down and then push it from left to right all the way down the nail. For me, almost all of the glitter comes off and whatever is left over I either rub it off with soap and water under the tap or else quickly go over all of my nails with one cotton pad and liquid polish remover. I love removing glitter using No Rub because it’s so much less hassle (and more fun, lol) for me than having to do the foil method 🙂

  • You can find No Rub at your local Walmart if you live in the USA.
  • If you want to buy online or live in Canada you can find it: Here

I hope you found this video helpful! 🙂