NEW FAVORITE DEEP CONDITIONER!!! | For Dry, Damaged, Or Brittle Hair


  1. Finally someone with my hair texture!

  2. Question about the lasting time of a product! I've had a lot of products for a while now, some even over a year. And I never realized that some may have a time period where it's still usable. If the time period has expired is it bad for the hair or will it just not be in the same affect for the hair? VERY CURIOUS! I'd hate to throw away some products ??‍♀️

  3. idk why i dont watch you more, youre the cutest thing ever omg

  4. So glad that you found a dc that you really love. I wouldn't buy it for a few reasons it's really small for the price, and I have a lot of hair. It also contains cones.

  5. Kaice Have you ever tried Aussie deep conditioner?!

  6. Great vid! Maybe the company can give you a % off code for your subs since you did such a great review for them and ppl seem to be willing to try it. JAT…

  7. I had no idea thats what that symbol meant

  8. what is your hair porosity

  9. WOW. I didn't even know that's what the symbol is for on containers. thanks. I learned something kc 🙂

  10. Great review. I've never seen a expiration symbol on hair products, makes since it has natural ingredients

  11. The Citrus Clarifying Shampoo is AMAZING! I don't use most of their products bc I avoid cones. This dc has amodimethicone so it's not for me. Glad you've found a new fav. Thanx for the review!

  12. I know this is beside the point but I really like that blusher on you

  13. So what were you using that had no slip and wasn't moisturizing?

  14. Love the fact that you're posting 3 times a week now ??☺️

  15. I AM SHOOK! I never knew about that little label.

  16. I gotta try this. My job at ulta sells it so ima have to use that employee discount ?

  17. I just found you out and I'm obsessed !! ❤️

  18. Am I the only who keeps thinking how pretty kaice is throughout the vid ? Lol ??

  19. Have you ever used TGIN honey masque? If so tell me how it felt

  20. Hi and TFS. Do you think you can do a video on how you shape and pick your hair after your wash and go has completely dried? We have the same texture and length but I struggle with shaping and styling my WNGs. Thanks in advance…..

  21. Everytime I watch your videos you have 1k more subscribes. You're gonna be at 100k by the end of the year for sure???

  22. Watching while I have the manuka honey mask on ?

  23. That blush is so cute on you, but that price….eh I could swing it if it really works

  24. I didn't know nothing about that little label, learnt something new.

  25. Can you do a wash n go including that product in it?

  26. I always check and go through my products. You'll also be able to tell if the shelf life is up if the consistency or color change slightly. I noticed that with a few of my products and I checked the symbol and surely enough it was time to get rid of it. It goes for makeup and things of the sort as well.

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