New Nail Art 2018 10 Halloween Nail Art Design Compilation

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  • 15pc Nail At Brush Set: Here
  • Dotting Tool Set: Here
  • Maxus Nails – Base Coat: Here
  • Maxus Nails – Top Coat: Here
  • Pueen – Liquid Nail Tape: Here
  • OPI – Matte Top Coat: Here
  • Sally Hansen – Miracle Gel Top Coat: Here
  • OPI – Alpine Snow: Here
  • OPI – No Tan Lines: Here
  • OPI – I’m Soo Swamped: Here
  • Deborah Lippmann – Lara’s Theme: Here
  • KL Polish – Tuxedo Mask: Here
  • NCLA – Let’s Go Party: Here
  • KL Polish – Ace: Here
  • JinSoon – Nostalgia: Here
  • Acrylic Crafting Paint: Here
  • ONYX – Acetone: Here
  • Makeup Sponges: Here


  1. The first nail is insane already i thought youd used a vinyl!!! You are TOOOO gooodd!!! Amazing!!!!

  2. In the smoky design, do you apply the second polish before or after the base color is dry?

  3. Ok, that spider silk nail was pure genius! Don't you love a happy accident like that?

  4. Happy Almost Halloween Hannah LYSM

  5. Love them all ? these are great ideas ??? so creative ❤️

  6. Awesome designs, I like the spider silk one.

  7. Loved all the designs, but my favorite was the silk spiderweb ? one.

  8. Hi love the Halloween designs??thank you for sharing?

  9. Love how you create your Nail Designs especially when you said you are old school & instead of using stamping plates you prefer to create the Designs by hand.

  10. This are so cute!! You are so talented ?

  11. Great! ??

  12. So cute and cool and original ideas! Your freehand skills are so precise!

  13. Amazing job I love all the designs??

  14. Love you soooo much!!❤️ good job!!

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