Hey Larlees, todays video we test out some NEW super affordable makeup products!I found a cool new foundation from Milani and a new concealer. I also test out some brushes and sponges from Eco Tools.. check it out and see my final thoughts! – Laura
Over all thoughts this was not long wearing makeup and my face makeup was breaking up by the end of the day!

Watch me test out the WEIRDEST foundation brushes

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Makeup revolution flawless matte palette-
milani glow liquid makeup –
milani spot light face-
milani prime light –
butter blush-
bronze booster-
natural wear loose powder-
strobe lite highlighter-
make it dewy setting spray-
maybelline expert wear eyeshadow-
NYX lip lingerige –
milani amore metallics-

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FTC- Thank you eco tools for partnering with me for this video!



  1. Omggg y'all she's back with those contacts again?!
    – she must not GAF what ppl think ?

  2. I'm living for this look!!! Loving the eyes and lips! ??????? amazing! And those contacts are stunning ????

  3. you look better with your natural eye color.

  4. I use a eyeshadow brush that represents the morphe m510 brush for highlight because that brush is expensive and I don't have it yet

  5. I really like they contacts?????

  6. I love your contacts! ? What contacts are those? ??

  7. srry but not fan of your contacts

  8. defanitly pretty with and without makeup
    like if you agree

  9. where did she get her colored contacts from

  10. You are never happy with anything, be appreciative for what YOU at least get

  11. I love how you did your make up so pretty

  12. i guess im the only one who loves the way laura looks with those contacts lmao

  13. Nice nice nice and great video plz do the same more and more I felt the products one my skin while applicate thaaaanks love ya ❤

  14. Omg you should try purple ones ?

  15. wow, love Laura but had to stop watching because I was freaked out by the contacts. ?

  16. I'm interested to see a vid of drug store favs that WERE long lasting

  17. i thinkyou look absolutely beautiful with those contacts in(: but more importantly, YOU love the way that they look. thats all that matters ❤

  18. The blue contacts are amazing❤??

  19. You shaded that setting powder in your new video because your foundation wore off on. Your forehead after this video but you didn't set your forehead only your under eyes with powder so that's why your makeup came off your forehead!

  20. i LOVE your videos but those contacts drive me insane! really look better with out them!

  21. get rid of em lenses plsyour real eyes are way prettier

  22. Some peoples children…smh… why all the gating on her contacts. Ppl who just make disparaging remarks about inconsequential detAils must just have self esteem issues. Laura Lee u r so beautiful!

  23. Heyy. I had bought the Maybelline gold school also and it was flaky and not pigmented at all. Girl i let dem know lol. Love this look!

  24. you should do an impression vids of australian make up hehe

  25. Omg these lashes! Where can i find them??
    Love you ?

  26. I got a Pierce the veil ad …… I'm happy now.

  27. What contacts are this?

  28. oh my gosh I love them! where can I get those contacts? you are gorgeous girly

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