NEWEST Aquarium Nail/Transformation

Hey loves. NEWEST Aquarium Nail/Transformation


  1. What is the name of the hot pink acrylic?

  2. Where are the details? Can you post a link to products you used?

  3. Adorable! The only thing that could have been added…my favorite, the seahorse. lolol.

  4. Gorgeous, as usual!!! Your sets are always perfection ???

  5. What bit do you use when you’re removing the acrylic? What’s your ratio of warm water to acetone? And why do you add dehydrator to your monomer? I’ve heard or acetone in monomer for 3D acrylic art powders so it doesn’t stick to the brush at all. Is this the same concept? Sorry so many questions lol.

  6. “Aquarium nails” are the ones filled with liquid… but this set is very beautiful! ❤️?

  7. These came out amazing . You do really good work. I’m a licensed nail tech and I took some time off just to regroup and take care of my health, and now I feel I am ready to get back into the nail game . It’s been long enough. Your work is inspiring me to be more creative . TFS ?

  8. Omg I loveeeeeee this awesome?????

  9. I love them. I want them! ?

  10. I just heard when you said you do didn't, but still I don't trust that lol but I love you work as always

  11. Her nails are going to stain arnt you suppose to put a clear acrylic base first to prevent the acrylic color from staining the natural nails.

  12. Love how these came out, so adorable

  13. Love the depth and dimension of this design. Beautiful.

  14. Never been a fan of Aquarium Nails, but this set is fabulous!!

  15. Love these u have inspired my holiday nails look x

  16. Very very nice! I like this better than the ones with liquid, I think they are just too thick! TFS???

  17. That is soooo beautiful!!!! I wish I could attempt something like that.

  18. That aquarium nail is the coolest EVER!!! Not bulky and such depth. WOW!! Great job! tfs

  19. Beautiful work?, but why don´t you pinch?

  20. That is amazing!! love your work!

  21. Ohhh I thought “aquarium nails” like the ones with actual liquid in them but anyway these are gorgeous ???

  22. I’m so In love with these ?????

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