No Mirror Makeup Challenge! Carli Bybel

* I have a Nikon 1 Camera. No flip screen.
The Lights you see is my RING LIGHT to film with NOT my vanity.
AND for those who STILL think otherwise. The small mirror I pull out at the end is all the way on top of my dresser as seen in 29 seconds.
Thanks for TRYING to ruin my fun!! 😀

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🙂 I had to do it!! I wanted to test my skills! This was actually toooo much fun to record….. I hope you guys enjoy! I think overall B-/C+ hahah what do you think??? I dare YOU to try it out!! Love you muffins! Comment below on what you want to see next!
x Carli

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-All Background Music Produced by Mike Cash

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  1. why does she look way different now? She's beautiful any ways but just me?

  2. Why does she put makeup on when she's beautiful with out it

  3. she totally put her eyeliner on her eye on purpose at 10:54

  4. your skin is clear and flawless you don't need foundation and concealer

  5. She totally got a nose job…even without makeup, het nose doesnt look the same from today to when this video was filmed. Why lie? She is still beautiful.

  6. My favorite makeup challenge is the dollar tree makeup challenge, cause that's actually where I get most of my makeup, lol.

  7. Anyone think she wiped off her makeup and re applied it with a mirror once the camera stopped rolling?

  8. can you do your shoes collection ?

  9. You did your makeup better than
    I do with a mirror

  10. i say that your makeup is good ?btw your hair is pretty ??✋

  11. Good job and I'd give you a a plus

  12. IDK if I can type without looking I'm coding my eyes togjy now

  13. she is better at eyeliner then me and she doesnt have a mirror?

  14. Based on other videos I've seen of this challenge, I would actually give you an A- instead of a B-. This is the best I've seen anyone do this challenge.

  15. I couldn't put the eye shadows right, eye liner at all. That was very good.

  16. U did good girl!! I would give u an A' you are beautiful without anything, so u slappin all that on without a mirror is impressive, & even with a mirror, one eye is always better than the other ' haha' well' I know I always feel that way' my wing always "slays" one my Left ' lol

  17. In these videos you remind me so much of a mix of Alanis Morissette and Lacey Chabert! :0)

  18. She looks nothing like today's Carly…:)

  19. I would give A+ cuz u did really good job ?

  20. yea I can text with out looking at the phone I'm doing it right now

  21. Your awesome! You did 10x better then I do with a mirror, LoL! And O-M-G all those shoes! ??

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