Were going all nude today! Nude makeup is my favorite kind of look its clean classic and beautiful on everyone. I’m also testing out some new makeup I got in my pr packages, including the new KKW powder contour kit from Kim kardashian West!! I loved how this nude and glow semi cut crease glowy makeup look came out! I can definitely see you guys wearing this natural glam day or night! Let me know by tagging me if you recreate this! I’d love to see!


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Equipment Used:

I want to also say that I’m happy to have you apart of my family, you guys make me so happy! You encourage me everyday to do me and keep doing what I love, no matter how weird I am! Weird is a compliment. If no one has told you today, I want you to know that you’re beautiful and there is no one like you! You are so special to me and I love you with all my highlight and contour!


  1. Hi Christen?…I have the same colour complexion as you …please tell me what is the colour of the Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude that you used, as it's not mentioned in your description of the products you used in this video ?

  2. Love this look . I love u christen .

  3. hey dear, you used estee lauder foundation. is this foundation great for oily skin?I have oily skin……

  4. This look is so beautiful, how did you learn to do makeup this amazing!! Do you watch many tutorials or do you do what you feel like? Can you please tell me how you het inspired to do these amazing looks!! Youre such an inspiration and youre so beautiful and if anyone tells you otherwise just dont listen to them, block out the haters

  5. How do you keep your face so clean ? What your skin care routine

  6. Gorgeous and I love the way you do your make up

  7. me encanta su maquillaje y ella es muy linda

  8. Hi Christine. I am Priyanka from India. Thank you so much for sharing all the amazing videos of make up. You are helping lot of women and girls by your videos. Love you so much. Thanks a lot. I made my mom to see your video. She said this girl is so beautiful even without make up. Christine…thank u so much….lots of love. You are so good at make up, u are professional. When did you start doing make up on your own ? please reply dear.

  9. Mac has pumps that fit estee lauder foundations

  10. Who else just loves the fact that she calls us dolles

  11. I just simply love how you do it….

  12. I think you should try the dermacol foundation

  13. Thank you so much for posting this, my favorite of your videos! Slay!

  14. Hye Christine you are so beautiful.

  15. For some reason she reminds me of Blair Waldorf… ???

  16. I love Christen Dominique

  17. MAKEUP IS EVIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Can I just say that I appreciate that you continue doing tutorials actually teaching us new techniques and not using clickbait-y titles! Yet you are still trying and giving opinions on new products without WORLD'S WORST FOUNDATION or WHAT THE F*CK KKW – DOES IT SUCK?!?! I'm so over it – so thank you Christen

  19. I just loved all her makeup tutorial everytime she try new things Keep it up dear.hanna from mauritius.

  20. Hello! I am new to your channel I was wondering if you can tell me and all of us what drug store face powders you should use?

  21. im a new subscriber! Someone tell me the meaning behind the QUAD family ?!

  22. Did she not set her face? The look is so gorgeous, by the way!

  23. I'm sure you get this all the time…the whole time watching I was thinking "God she is so beautiful"

  24. Mam….at background the song your plying can u plz link it…i just like it…lookin sizzling hot..nice look…created again…gorgeous ur…keep it up mam.

  25. Love your song choice! ♥

  26. I only came here because I thought she was using the master camo pens smh

  27. Gorgeous as always Christen!!! Love this look! You have to tell me where you got that mug In the thumbnail! ?

  28. Ur amazaing I'm obsessed with u?

  29. I'm new to your channel love the look ❤️

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