Nude holo gradient nail art with freehand leaves and swirls


  1. Freehand.JPEG

  2. Rare sighting of the same thing on both hands!

  3. Wow simplyfetus is good at freehanding?

  4. she has same design in both hands!!! what dafuq…

  5. her very first holo addiction!!!!

  6. Why aren't you in the videos anymore?

  7. I love this one. How the hell did it get under a thousand likes??

  8. what happened to the good old "good at freehand" Cristine?? this design is awesome!

  9. whats with this Sims-ass music im

  10. Where did those free handing skills come? ?????????

  11. Ah! freehandng master! you are good at freehandingg!! whale hope you can see this just yea ilysm!

  12. So you aren't good at freehand, huh?


  14. Love how far you've come in your videos! They're even better with how funny you are in the newer ones!

  15. who else is doing a marathon of all of her vids

  16. And she told us she can't freehand =)))))

  17. "I DONT KNOW HOW TO PAINT WHAT IS THIS FREE HAND" you liar you can totally free hand

  18. yet she told us she can't free hand.

  19. Hi! Absolutely adore your skills! How do you do it, that you have always such a perfect clean line between nail polish and cuticle?

  20. tbh you deserve way more views
    your awesome!

  21. Hi I absolutely love your nail designes and i would love to try them but I bite my nails so I have short nails any tips on how to stop biting my nails?

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