NYE Hair: A Chic Way to Dress Up a Simple Style

Products I used:
Verge Curl Styx
Hair Clips from Sallys
Bobby Pins
Sinful Colors Beauty Queen Nail Polish

What I’m wearing:

Dress: Forever 21
Necklace: Macys
Nails: Pixi Beauty Emerald

Eyes: Lorac Pro Palette, Physicians Formula Liquid Liner
Cheeks: taste Blush in Doll Face, Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix Powder


  1. Pretty cool and creative thanks you talented

  2. wow brilliante ideas thankssss

  3. Brilliant – thanks for sharing.

  4. Super cool! thanks for sharing this 🙂

  5. You look SO much like Lauren Cohan in this one

  6. I loved her natural hair color before she dyed it… it's still pretty I just really loved her original color

  7. it mean in 2013 because she do it in last day in 2012 ~_~

  8. Where do you get these hairbands???? Please answer!

  9. your hair is just perfect. it does whatever you want it to do!

  10. U do a tutorial once a year???

  11. OMG! I love your necklace!!! Does anybody know where she got it?

  12. Hi there, love your tutorials..can you please do a tutorial on the hair of kristein in the movie 'snow white and the the huntsman', on the last battle? where she wears all this metallic armor and goes on attack to the evil queen…
    thanks in advance

  13. Can you do a tutorial on the braided updo that Katy Perry wore at the People's Choice Awards??? Please

  14. please do a pitch perfect inspired hair tutorial!! thumbs up so she can see!

  15. hi how are you doing I was wondering if you might like to do a tutorial request sometime and if you might like to talk sometime.

  16. When are you going to start uploading again?

  17. What is your new uploading schedule going to be?


  19. Also makeup and hair for valentines day

  20. Can you please do a DIY on valentines day gifts

  21. I REALY liked the side swept hair and the cool bobby pins

  22. Why I can't make the bobby pins stay in place????????

  23. I did this for New Years! I did the half down style. The bobby pins were much more difficult than I anticipated. But eventually I made it work. Thanks for this tutorial!

  24. I love this idea! It worked out pretty well!
    Could you, perhaps, do a tutorial on Daenerys' hair? She's a game of thrones character and she wears a lot of braids!

  25. I just watched coco Jones music video "Holla at the Dj" and loved the hairstyle that she was wearing in one of the scenes. Its a half up half down style with some kind of twist at the top. I'm not exactly sure how she did the twist at the top. Do you have some idea? Thanks so much! :]

  26. Can you do a hair tutorial on Anne hathaways hairstyle in Ella enchanted?

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