NYE Pink Glitter Cut Crease | Desi Perkins

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  1. going through your videos to get inspired before getting ready. thanks for being amazing

  2. You've gotten miles better over the past few months in terms of blending, the blending here is a bit choppy

  3. Okay before you dyed your hair I thought blonde looked the best on you but the brown really suits you and your skin tone

  4. I love how you did your brows in this tutorial!

  5. Ive always suffered from glitter fallouts and i love them and i still have no idea what to do to get ride of them I tried the makeup remover to remove them didnt work nor did the tape one ?

  6. +Desi Perkins does anyone know the coconut oil she recommended in her snapchats a couple of days ago… ?

  7. she singing love yourself givin me life

  8. I love you Desi but I wish you would use different products such as different bronzers because not everyone can use that color on their skin tone. Please ??

  9. Mom you look so bomb in this tutorial??????


  11. aaaah you are so gorgeous and beautiful <3 watching your videos for hours lol

  12. I need to know the name of the highlight product..Pls ???

  13. Her right eyeshadow is really messed up

  14. what color was the foundation

  15. Please can you do a video of how you film your tutorials? Like a "behind the scenes"? I'm really interested in what lighting you use. Everything looks so flawless and polishes. Of course its your makeup but the lighting is perfect.
    I also do Makeup Tutorials on Youtube but I have never had such a great lighting! xoxo

  16. Hey guys!! I just uploaded my first makeup tutorial a couple days ago! If you have some time, please check it out!!! If you like it, don't forget to subscribe!! Thanks 🙂

  17. What shade is that foundation in? ???

  18. Fix+ isn't a setting spray! It's a refreshing/hydrating spray. xoxo

  19. desi u are flawless and so nicee!! i love you and your channel❤️

  20. Ohhhhh I can't wait to see tutorials with your new hair color ?????? I always wanted you to see you with dark hair (non wig).

  21. So pretty. Omg I got so tired the second you said it was 3:30 am! Lol

  22. You and Katy should do the Mixed up Makeup challenge!!!! 😀

  23. Ughhhhhh perfection everytime… i cant …. slay girl slay

  24. hi Desi, I saw you're using zoeva brushes. can I have your opinion about them? Thanks!

  25. Can you please make a tutorial of your top knot hairstyles?? They are soooo cute! I would love to know how you slick your hair back into a cute knot!

    Can you also show the differently styles you do with your bangs?? I think we would all love to know some tips! Love your videos, Desi!!

  26. Ca you do a review on the viseart dark mattes pallet ??

  27. can you pls do a review on your coolaser treatment that you got? I'm contemplating weather or not I should spend the money to do it but your skin looks fab!

  28. Please make shorter videos, love you 🙂

  29. You're sooo beautiful and your makeup looks are always perfect ! Love you desi ???

  30. I feel like I know you, I watch your snaps and I feel like I'm hanging out with you haha. love this look desi your stunning ♡

  31. How you manage to slay every look is just astounding. WONDERFUL job, much love xx

  32. Desi, you never mentioned what shade your foundation was in! 🙂

  33. Her skin is Flawless! I though she already had foundation on when she said that she was gonna do that last!!

  34. your awesome 🙂 …. your very funny/beautiful and know your makeup …now if I can only get it done the same way…wish me luck 🙂

  35. You always will and always have been a big mentor & inspiration to me Desi! Your videos are on another lever & so is your content. I will forever continue loving you & your work! That dedication to all of us is real. Thanks too you and steven for staying up really late to edit this video for us! #TeamPerkins & #TeamSnapchat

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