OFFICE LOOKBOOK | Professional Outfit Ideas!

I hope you working babes enjoyed, thanks for watching! Let me know if I should make a part 2 🙂

Clothing Mentioned:


  1. Loved this video ❤️
    I find I can get bored with my work clothes but this was so inspiring! Now I just need to go shopping :))

  2. omg you look like rachel from suits ??? love the video 🙂

  3. This is such a great idea! Loved it!

  4. You look older with the new hair. Miss the long hair

  5. You should do a School outfits video!

  6. Please do a Get the look of Veronica Lodge of the tv show Riverdale!!!! You will be amazing!!!

  7. Please do a part 2, this was very helpful!!

  8. I don't work in an office BUT I loved this video! ? Them two tone cream and black lil heels are to die for ? also you can't beat tailored trousers ?

  9. Make a video about collage outfits plz… i love your channel is really helpful ❤

  10. This was awesome!! Definitely want a part two!! But where I work we have to wear polo ? shirt they are so hard to style!!! I hope you can included them on the next video!!

  11. Please do more, but can u do one with pieces under $50. That would be wonderful

  12. So excited to see you do a video like this! I would love to see more ?

  13. Really cool and very interesting Video☺?

  14. I would love to see a series of you styling the same item multiple ways! Then we can build up wardrobe basics and know how to use them for more than one look ?

  15. Υοu are so hot with the new hair cut

  16. Yaaaaay thank you so much for this lookbook!!! Just what I needed for my new office job ??

  17. Great looks! Would you do an university/Harvard inspired lookbook? That would be so great!

  18. Tess when you do the lookbook next time can you please also film one when you take the jacket off? Want a look that looks both awesome with and without the jacket! Or let’s say a look that’s not too boring without the layering
    Appreciate the effort!

  19. Your haiiiirrr ? suits you a looooottt?

  20. Can you do a skin update please x

  21. What shirt are you wearing in the intro and end of the video? (Love the hair btw)

  22. lovee it! Can you do winter lookbook of this, as well?:)

  23. You look so beautifull ? Love from Portugal ??

  24. Yay, I've been waiting for this!

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