Old Hollywood ‘Glamour’ Makeup Tutorial || Roxxsaurus

Hello my lovelies! I finally filmed a makeup tutorial woop woop!!
It’s been a while. I hope you guys dig this and let me know if you would like more makeup tutorials in the near future!


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  1. hey roxxsaurus i hope u see this and do a romántic look

  2. i think u should do a blue sugar skull tutorial

  3. Love your videos!!! Song please?

  4. I LOVE your videos!!!!! you are so pretty with makeup and without, wish i was tbh. anyway could u plz do a video on bridget bardot x

  5. Please can you always put the name of the songs in your videos. You have have an amazing taste in music!!

  6. YAAS! MAKEUP! you are dead gorgeous X i love you! X

  7. Such an amazing and wearable look!!!!! Love it!

  8. Heeeey, could you list all the products you use please? xo

  9. would you do a sansa stark look? like the hair and the makeup it would be cool because you look like her and theres hardly any sansa look on youtube

  10. This look is amazing! Keep it up! Xoxo ❤️

  11. Très bonne vidéo <3 bisous, batzoo

  12. Hey, what song did you use in this video? I think you usually put it in the description but I couldn't find it! Thank youuuu x

  13. Jesteś taka śliczna!!! Bo Polka, nie zapominaj ?❤️

  14. Sorry to bug you but can you follow my friend @ElannaMaree ?

  15. A summer/wedding makeup tutorial? 🙂 XO

  16. such a beautiful look! What is the name of the song?

  17. Love your makeup looks..i do wish you could do something more dramatic and adventurous with your eyes on an upcoming video..maybe a heavy liner or bright colors?

  18. love this look on you!
    also when is the 3rd look book diary coming out??

  19. I will watch all your videos. ❤️ You're so beautiful

  20. Your voice is soooooo soothing to listen to when I'm laying in bed relaxing! Lol
    Love you girl!

  21. This is such a stunning look, I love red lips on you!

  22. you look so glamourous in this, your a natural beauty queen <3 x

  23. I absolutely love your tutorials 🙂

  24. I neeeeeed more grunge makeups!n

  25. Could you do a 1940's style makeup tutorial or maybe another grunge/tumblr makeup tutorial? Loved the look in this video by the way, f l a w l e s s :))

  26. such a beautiful make up look, it looks amazing on you!

  27. could you please do an everyday natural makeup tutorial for people like me who don't wear as much makeup! Btw i love this make up look!! <3

  28. Are you still enjoying using Hylamide?  I'm debating getting that or repurchase Indeed Labs' Hydraluron Serum (which I like but doesn't seem strong enough). Do you find Hylamide helps with hydration and large pores?  🙂

  29. Dw gurl I take like 2 months to put false lashes on. -.- Loved this look gurl <3 Hollywood glam is everything <3 xo

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