Old Hollywood Hair Tutorial | Carli Bybel

Hi my loves! Today I have another new video for you!! This once I filmed a few weeks back! I absolutely love this hair style!! Especially for the colder months, (It always lasts a lot longer). For my hair at least!! I wanted to thank all of you for all your sweet comments on my last video! You guys are my favoriteeeee. I hope you enjoy this tutorial! I promise I will get a halloween video, or two up this week as well! What halloween looks should I do?? ( I don’t do scary looks. I would be scare myself. LOL. XOXO Carli

Hair Details:

I’m not wearing any hair extensions in this video BUT
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  1. Beautiful Ur just beautiful ???

  2. I can't get enough watching your videos I love you keep it up girl.

  3. I'm going this hair and makeup for hoco

  4. hahha how cute you say schwarzkopf ?? greetings from germany

  5. Hi
    were you using the sony a5100 for this video?

  6. what colour is on her hair? I want like this.

  7. I absolutely love this look on you! please upload a make up tutorial for this!

  8. I wish I wanted you as hair model :-)))
    Love you too much :-))))

  9. I really wish you would do my prom make up !!! This is beautiful but I don't think anyone else could possibly recreate this .

  10. You're amazing..thanks for the tips!!!

  11. she reminds me of cher lloyd 🙂

  12. Damn! I wish red looked that good on me

  13. Where did you get these clips from?

  14. What eyelashes are you wearing in this video?

  15. Hi guys I really need help! Do you think this look is suitable for prom? I have thick hair and it is a bit frizzy, do you think it will still look alright?

  16. I would love to see the makeup tutorial for this look


  18. This make up is life. I opened this video and was like hot damn girl. Love all of this!

  19. how did you do your make up for this tutorial ? its lovely

  20. +Carli Bybel Hey Carli if you haven't done this makeup look can you please do it obviously if you dont have time don't worry about but thanks x

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