Old Hollywood Inspired Makeup & Hair


  1. This video is a big fail. I still cant find the hair tutorial..

  2. Still can't find the hair tutorial!

  3. where's the hair tutorial?!?! o.o

  4. Please do the video I'm a visual learner. I would like to use the old Hollywood curls for prom thanks

  5. Hey Kayley 🙂 This look is gorgeous. For some reason, when I click on the hair tutorial, it doesn't show up? And I'd really love to see it again. 

  6. If you use Sin, it is a shimmery soft coppery tone primer

  7. soo gorgeous 🙂 this is a really good look on you !

  8. Can you do an everyday makeup routine? (But not necessarily with just drugstore brands like you did in that one video?…)

  9. Were can you buy sexy hair products in store? i don't like ordering on line because apparently shipping from u.s to Canada is 15$, even though we all know that i could jump has far has i can right now i would land in at least Miami, and i cna never find sexy hair products in any stores i've looked.

  10. You looked a lot like Bridgit Mendler in this video 🙂

  11. You look like Bridgit Mendler @@ swear!!

  12. Ah gosh, I could've used this at my theatre banquet last year. The theme was "CLUE?" and "OLD HOLLYWOOD"

  13. please what's your hair color ? please pleaase

  14. Awesome!!! So inspiring!! Normally I'm not a red lips old Hollywood type but I've caught myself tending more towards that style lately. I think it's also a look that's always gonna be a staple! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. you look like bridgit mendler !

  16. at the end, there's a link box in the video where it say hollywood glam curl

  17. Where is the tutorial of this hair style????? I WANT IT:(

  18. Your hair color is so nice. Suits you very well

  19. That's technically the way you are supposed to say that brand's name :p

  20. She's done a video on it in the past.

  21. You have the most beautiful eyes!

  22. Whats the white storage thing in the background? I want one of those too!
    lol 🙂

  23. You should do more makeup tutorials. It was fun watching you!

  24. can you do Annabeth's hairstyle from Percy Jackson:Sea of monsters please

  25. Can you please do back to school hairstyles

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