Ombre Color Block Nail Art

❤ Here’s a fun way to change up the typical ombre design!


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  1. Ummm is it just me or does the last photo/thumbnail look low key photoshopped? Cause I don’t think no ones that perfect to the point where they can draw strait lines on all fingers. Looks like a magazine cover…

  2. I think using cellotape makes it more easiee

  3. So satisfying when she apply the top coat it makes me relax

  4. Wow… I honestly didn't expect that to be free hand! You sure have steady hands!

  5. I have a question… Are you right handed or left handed?

  6. those nails are so cool! cool and easy!!

  7. Hey hannah im ur fan and im fan with cute polish

  8. How do you grow your nails long and strong without pelling and breaking

  9. woahhh…breathtaking!!!… so freaking awesome!!!!

  10. what is the sharp tool polish you are using?

  11. Love this design ! Looks like stickers and so many colors to experiment with 😀

  12. hannah rox u r awesome ??????

  13. So easy and cute ????? perfect

  14. For this, tape is your best friend. Put down the lightest color and let it dry completely, stick some tape to your skin to make it less sticky then put it on your nails where you did the previous color, repeat. Easy

  15. i'm so shocked you could freehand the blocks so well! they're so perfect and symmetrical. you did such an amazing job! 😀

  16. Wow so simple but it looks amazing!

  17. I just started watching ur vids and there awesome I think I like this one the most 🙂

  18. OMG you hans look like old lady Hans AWWW

  19. What's song name?

  20. Does this design reminds anyone else of The Maine's American Candy album? I love it!!

  21. how can u draw such straight and even lines like that?? I could never do that :((

  22. how can u draw such straight and even lines like that?? I could never do that :((

  23. You know these are things people wish could do.. I tried it was a fail… Lmfaoo btw Great job Hannah…

  24. Hey +HannahRoxNails can you please do a back to school nail art? It doesn't necessarily need to be school related, just something cute, super easy, and adaptable for short nails. Sorry if I'm asking for too much. I'm going back to school Monday so this would help. Thanks!!! ♥

  25. +HannahRoxNails I love this design and what camera do you use to film

  26. I looooove them! I wanna try them out 🙂

  27. Could you also do this with Gel nail polish ?

  28. Very nice! They look perfect!

  29. This looks AMAZING!.
    How does your manicure always looks so perfect and clean!? ^-^
    Oh! and how much do you wait before applying top coat!? because mine always tend to mess up the manicure when applying it..= 
    *love u <3

  30. What brush are you using to clean up?

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