Ombre / Gradient Your Nails Perfectly!

Ombre gradient your nails perfectly with these tips and tricks! Have you ever done a DIY nail art ombre gradient design at home? It’s a really easy nail art design that’s super trendy and looks awesome! Miri and I will be showing you today how you can easily achieve a perfect one at home using your nail polish! Enjoy!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. love ur nail they are so pretty

  2. for some reason that designn reminds me of a fruit punch

  3. im sorry i allowed have YouTube

  4. I have tried this so many times and it hasn't worked?? do u know why??

  5. can we use any colour combinations in ombre nail art….

  6. Ok so I am struggling with doing ombre. When I use the sponge, it is lifting the color underneath. What am I doing wrong/ Very frustrating!!

  7. Hey can you do a gradient with a real sponge, like for the kitchen, or must you use makeup sponge? 🙂

  8. where do i get liquid latex?!?!

  9. omg this works so well ur amazing cuyepolish

  10. were do you get the liquid latex

  11. Can you do a frozen nails Anna Elsa olaf and sfen and crestalf

  12. I tried doing this but it didn't work….??

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