Ombre Yin Yang Nails

A trendy Ombre Yin Yang design 🙂

Products I used:

  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Formula X Alive
  • Nicole by OPI Love Song
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away!
  • Essie Good To Go Top Coat

Take care! x


  1. ohh so gonna try do this on my bday next sunday so i will have awesome nails, to go with my new amazing dress! 😀

  2. Any tops for growing ur nails with no oils and hand creams I'm allergic

  3. cutepolish I don't have to sponge

  4. Hi sandie doing a nail tutorial by you right now
    Your the best lots of love grace❤️

  5. Dear youtube, idgaf about 5th wave

  6. You could just put on the base coat, then put the ombre over that, then put the white onto. But anyways, great tutorial! 😀

  7. One of my favorites that she's done

  8. OMG 90's me would have her mind blown ?

  9. you should grow your nails for 6months straight

  10. there is a difference between ombrés and gradients !!

  11. How do you keep your nails in such good shape? They look strong, thick and perfectly shaped?

  12. Hahah! I opened the video and you said "I was gonna do spring nails" or something, and then I checked the date and it was 23 april 2014 and now it is 23 april 2015. What a coinsidence xD

  13. I Love your nail art and you do it so fast and really good with out messing up.

  14. I wonder how Sandy is so good at Nails!

  15. I've tried to do this design and the makeup sponge that I used kept on ripping off and it got stuck on to my nail WHAT DO I Do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  16. I love Yin Yangs and you just made it into something SO AWSOME!

  17. I tried this and it's so pretty! Thanks for the idea!

  18. i like the way you did thenail

  19. I just stop biting my nalis

  20. I love your nails, your creation is so neat! 

  21. For peeps who don't have do makeup sponge, you can use a paper towel, or napkin for the ombré

  22. OMG I did the design, BEFORE I watched this video, and I had no idea that this even existed lol 😀 And now I'm checking your channel and See this video an I'm just Like "holy we shared minds, this is so creepy". Umm yeah idk why I'm telling you that… Oh and btw: sorry if my english is wrong, you have a fan in germany :3

  23. Learning to make video and manicure , advise , and see my 1 video) thanks)

  24. this is my hobby now lololol thx

  25. Thank you for this video, I wanted to do it like this for a long time, love the colors


  27. Any sponge can be used, a simple kitchen one works just as good

  28. I Did This And It Turned Out Great (:

  29. How do you remove the nail polish from the sponge?

  30. When I try to do an ombré the colours don't come up how do you do it so well??????

  31. Eu adorei esta unha,eu sempre estou vendo ela para quando eu for fazer a minha unha quando ela estiver maior..
    adoro seus vídeos,são bem criativos,e além do mais você é uma boa manicure 😀

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