Ombré/Baby Boomer nails tutorial


  1. very nice work and awesome nails. thnx 4 sharing

  2. what brand of color pink did you use for them, they are beautiful <3

  3. so nice. but I can't see anything..

  4. Deverias grabar de enfrente no se ve bien

  5. your work is so good!

  6. Nails look fake. Too short and stubby looking too.

  7. What kind of glu using for glu the stond???

  8. Very nice video very talented music is annoying though lol

  9. Love your work! ?
    Wanted to ask if you can please recommend a electric filling drill for a beginner like me. I've been browsing on ebay but there so many options im not sure which one to get. Gracias anticipadas! ?

  10. I just love love the way you do nails your really good! What kind of glue do you use again?

  11. what powder and liquid is that?? i tried to do this but i think i need to try with another product

  12. really helpful video! Lovely nail design! Just wondering, what does encapsulating nails actually mean? And do you need to do this every time you put on acrylic? X

  13. what kind of pen is that your using to pick up and glue the crystals onto the nail? I've never seen that kind of pen before.

  14. What do I tell my nail tech when I want these nails? I tried to explain that I wanted gel nails at first, but they didn't know what hard gel was. Then they went ahead with tips and acrylic because I couldn't get them to understand I didn't just want gel polish. Then when I asked if they had heard of boomer/French fade nails, the tech said yes but didn't even attempt to try to do it. So, I ended up with something that I just cut and filed off two days later.

  15. what is your site or info to purchase what you sell. I need a new brush 🙂

  16. I love these nails. It looks natural but it show's some shine.

  17. Wow!!! Espectaculares ? donde puedo comprar el acrílico cover que usaste, pero que hagan envíos a España ? tu trabajo es maravilloso, eres una artista ?

  18. I absolutely adore how you do nails! Coffin is my favorite nail shape and I think you do it so beautifully. I'm so picky about acrylic nails and I honestly have no complaints whatsoever about how you do them. Fantastic job! ?

  19. What is the brand and color of the pink acrylic you used please?

  20. They are so fab, thanks for sharing x

  21. Curious – why do you make the nail bed so thick then file it down?

  22. These are freaking gorgeous. Oh how I dream of having nail techs this talented in my area ???

  23. where did you get your e-file drill from?!!

  24. Do you know if you need to "prime" the crystal katana in some way? I got mine and the stones won't stick. It's brand new so I don't know if I need to do something to make it ready for use but I can barely get anything stuck on it without pressing hard and them it won't come off because obviously I pressed it hard into there 🙁 help!!

  25. What are the name of the stones ?

  26. Beautiful I love this nails. but how do u avoid for the stones not to fall? If you don't apply top coat on top of the stones? U said you use glue like nail glue and what else??

  27. where did you find that size and shape of brush?

  28. great video. annoying song tho lol

  29. which products you use? It is the first video that I see yours and I loved it!

  30. Hey I wanna make an appointment with you for my nails for my wedding I live in Sarasota I found you on ig

  31. what pink color and brand are you using?? all of your work is great. huge fan

  32. Loved this, could you please tell me what size swarksowski crystals you use for this please

  33. the best babyboomer tutorial ive seen. you're always so informative, thank you! do you mind me asking which acrylic brand you prefer? and what was your pink color?! I'm using CND and I find the pinks always have too much of a purple undertone to them. Thanks ! xoxo

  34. Beautiful they came out awesome tfs hunni

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