Once You Work Your Abs Standing, You’ll Never Go Back to Crunches

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  1. Just finished the circuit! Loved it! Thank you.

  2. Excellent workout for core ?

  3. Thanks. Precisely what I needed. I don't mind the bonus crunch since unlike others it doesn't require banging the back of my head against the hard wooden floor. So really useful workout alternitive for crunches which are not so comfortable outside of the gym.

  4. Standing abs are the BEST. I haaate getting down on the floor. Give me standing everything.

  5. This is my new standing abs workout, yes with weights!??

  6. I needed this standing ab workout because my dogs like to jump on me as soon as I hit the mat. Thanks for the awesome creative workouts 🙂

  7. Hi Anna, thank you very much! Your abs workout are one of the best here… including those ones you do with your friend Katie and the other girls…I have been doing them for three weeks now and am not dissapointed!! Actually, it feels like a full body workout for me…oh and the sweating!  Have you got any advice on what do, so that I dont work my glutes so much… because I dont want to lose muscle on that part of my body too much ?
    Kate from Tanzania.

  8. Love this one, great ~ quick workout !! Thank you Anna!!

  9. I love this…that wood chop is freakin' awesome

  10. Plank is not standing abs exercice !!!

  11. These works for posh mommy belly or lower abs? I have twins about 1 year ago & lower abs laying down hurt me 🙂

  12. I love this standing ab workout

  13. The plank is on the floor position. Title said stand up abs – the reason I started the workout. Change your title!

  14. Challenge accepted. I will do this abs workout with water therapy and jogging every morning.

  15. This was so cool, i did it twice!!

  16. OMG Anna, love your outfit!!!

  17. Wow I love it, thank you Anna! 🙂

  18. Thanks for reminding me to breathe!!!

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  20. I liked the workout but I would suggest that if it's called standing abs then no move should be on the floor. The last move is on the floor. What's up with that?

  21. that is the best standing abs on you tube! thank you!

  22. Another awesome workout that I'm pinning on my schedule!

  23. you went thhrough that way to quick

  24. Those are stand ing ab wortkout. I will try?

  25. U just did this for the 10 min ad revenue

  26. This Six pack abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) is very excessive guide. To lose your weight and make your belly six-pack it is very helpful book I think. After Ten days of following the guide, I lost excess weight as much as Three pounds. It is very useful to me, I have got Six pack abs following this guide step-by-step. You need to try this book as well.

  27. but seriously I'm loving her outfit in this vid

  28. Love this one to end 2 other 10 minute workouts from PopSugar! Thanks Anna, for making my kid's naptime more meaningful for this tired momma!

  29. I just only have smaller weights but I use them.

  30. Great workout! I have problems with my wrist so the standing abdominal workouts are so much easier for me to do.

  31. awesome! I love standing abs because you can get good cardio with them. Like that there are some moves I've never seen before! Thanks!

  32. just go to Unflexal webworkouts and learn how to do workouts.

  33. I love this workout, never felt my abs muscle work as much before.

  34. Love this! Was able to do it in a hotel room.

  35. Dear Anna, dear Popsugar, since I love this channel and I also have the nerve, I'm sharing my wishlist of workouts I hope to see here ASAP:

    1) A total body ballet workout with Mary Helen Bowers;
    2) More Tracy Anderson (she's amazing and she's the less featured in the channel!)
    3) A longer tai box workout with Mike Donavanik (his 10 minute segment was incredible);
    4) More Jennifer Johnson and Simone De La Rue coreography (it's never enough);
    5) Some strength training with Natalie Yco (she is a fantastic ass-kicker).

    I hope you'll make my dreams come true and thanks for providing always high quality fitness content.

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