• Eyebrow Powder Pencil – Here
  • Tame and Frame Pomade – Here
  • Pore Filler Primer – Here
  • Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation – Here
  • Pro Foundation Mixer in Luminous – Here
  • HD Photogenic Concealer – Here
  • HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder – Here
  • Matte Bronzer in Deep Tan – Here
  • Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette – Here
  • Duochramatic Highlighter in Snow Rose – Here
  • Perfect Filter Eyeshadow Palette in Rustic Antique – Here
  • Prismatic Eyeshadow in Rose Dust – Here
  • Hot Single Eyeshadow in Electroshock – Here
  • Double Stacked Mascara – Here
  • Backstage Lashes in Melrose Avenue
  • Matte Lip Liner in Vintage
  • Liquid Suede Lipstick in Club Hopper – Here



  1. I swear that this is sponsored

  2. You’re so down to earth and so good at what you do! Could literally watch your videos all day! ????

  3. You don’t need makeup❤️?

  4. OOMMMMMGGGGG I ffrreeaaakkkiinnnggg. LOVE your eye look. I feel complete. So gorgeous! ?

  5. Omg you have beautiful skin!

  6. U r so freaking attractive…. OMG ???

  7. Just came across your YouTube channel, watched the first couple of videos & subcribed ?? in love with your make up!! Can't wait to see more tutorials!! Ps please post the name/brand of the blending brushes you used in this tutorial X

  8. Which sponge is better, the tiny one, the medium, or the huge one?

  9. Omg Jayden you are soooooo beautiful with makeup and without!!!

    Ps if you don't want any of ur makeup then , honey, pass it down to me!

  10. Dang it! I'm inlove with your accent <3

  11. your so gorgeous i love you??

  12. I absolutely loved this video!! I’ve just uploaded an urban decay one branded make up tutorial and would love it anyone would check it out!!! Would be amazing ? thank you xx

  13. Awwww myyyy goossshhhh ! I have no words for you ! My fav YouTuber?

  14. love your videos! your personality is adorable and it's always actually fun to watch your reviews and tutorials!

  15. Please do a video all about your hair ?

  16. you look like a supermodel without any makeup even on ???

  17. Love your attitude & humour:) great vid

  18. Makeup beautiful. But where you get the head band ??

  19. I love you but you ruin your videos all the time by doing that 'twtt' noise with your lips

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