OOTW: 5 End of Summer Outfits

I hope this video gave you some new outfit ideas 🙂 Thanks as always for watching!

Outfit 1-

  • Shirt- Urban Outfitters- Here
  • Skirt- Lovers & Friends Revolve
  • Bag- Lulus
  • Shoes- Converse

Outfit 2-

  • Shirt- Forever 21- Here
  • Shorts- Levi’s
  • Shoes- Castaner
  • Sunglasses- Diff

Outfit 3-

  • Top- Forever 21- Here
  • Shorts- GRLFRND Denim
  • Shoes- Senso
  • Bag- Lulus

Outfit 4-

  • Bodysuit- Lulus
  • Pants- Tularosa
  • Shoes- Reebok
  • Necklace- Maria Pascual

Outfit 5-

  • Top- Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Shorts- Levi’s
  • Shoes- Converse
  • Scarf- Thrifted (urban outfitters has a ton)


  1. I would LOVE it if you could do a Harry Styles get the look video. I know you've done a One Direction thing, but he's so freakin cool with fashion and I think it'd be super fun for you to do! LOVE YA. THANKS. BYE.

  2. NYC was so ridiculously hot omg! Love the style, the 2nd was my favorite! Xoxo

  3. My favorite Fashion Queen!! And Awww I saw the little squirl passing by.. <3

  4. Easily could see myself wearing all of these outfits!!! I def feel like I connect to your style the most than other youtubers!

  5. can't wait for fall fashion videos <3

  6. Hi Tess, I'd recommend you check out The True Cost on Netflix! It's a great documentary about clothing, I'm sure you'll enjoy it 🙂

  7. I would love if you make Clulees inspired back to school/ fall video. It is huge trend right now in stores.

  8. Love the neighborhood shots! 🙂

  9. have you been working out …..girl your legs look bomb!!!… <3 loved the video. hi patrick ahah

  10. Haha there was a cute little squirrel walking behind you in your last outfit ??
    Love all these outfits btw ??❣

  11. Will there be a new get the look video any time soon? I luvvvv when you do those! Also love these outfits btw ?❤️

  12. has someone the names of the forever 21 tops?

  13. Loved these summer outfits!! So cute! Could you link the necklaces too?

  14. wow you’re the WORST I paused this video, ordered one of the tops, then kept watching. why have you forsaken my bank account and self control?! ur style is so perfect gdamnit

  15. Every single one of your outfits is KILLER. So gorgeous and versatile. ?

  16. Ugh lucky. It's been raining here in Chicago

  17. Waiting for the fall edition Tess ??

  18. I watched your video only to see your background.
    I saw the streets of newyork so beautiful and awesome.
    All your outfits were very much revelling your body so they are not for me.

  19. love your style, your videos are always so helpful! X

  20. I always look up to you for any sort of fashion advice cause your style is literally perfect Tess?❤ love from Mumbai?

  21. Wait what shirt are you wearing in your intro and outro tho!? Love that

  22. Lol how you said abercrombie & fitch. No shame in the game! They still have cute clothes!!

  23. Loved all outfits! You're so prettyyyy! ?

  24. I love these type of videos and I loveee the 3rd outfit

  25. Wish I could afford these cute clothes

  26. New York and basically all of New England has been hotter and it's because of GLOBAL WARMING! ?
    Yeah it's a real thing guys ?????

    Even though I can't complain cause now it's not that cold ???

    I'm not the only one that knows this right …… come on guys ??

  27. My fave outfit was the last one!! Ugh honestly your youtube content is so so great, love you xxxx

  28. Love how your hair looks in this video ?✨

  29. What size are your pants in outfit 4?

  30. I love your style and I really believe that with you sense of fashion you could do such an impact in the industry if you just pushed yourself a little bit more outside of your comfort zone. Anyways, I loooove you channel ❤️❤️LOVE FROM Madrid ?

  31. i love these! <3 could you include clips throughout the week like you used to? 🙂 love you!

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